Yogita Raghuvanshi – India’s First Women Truck Driver

When we talk about truck drivers, we connect male truck drivers with this profession but Yogita Raghuvanshi has proven this to be incorrect. Yogita is the country’s first woman truck driver, driving for over 16 years while caring for her 2 children. Yogita Raghuvanshi is a citizen of Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. 

During her truck driving career, Yogita has traveled more than half of the states in the USA. Yogita is not only a truck driver, but she is also proficient in Hindi, English, Gujarati, Marathi, and Telugu. Yogita learned these languages purely while driving. Driving a truck is a risky job. Yogita Raghuvanshi has no truck-driving skills and has never really imagined driving a truck in his life. 

Yogita Marital Status Dispute 

Yogita Raghuvanshi belongs to a well-educated family and holds degrees in business and law. Yogita’s spouse hides a lot of information from her. Yogita’s spouse was a truck driver, and he kept this secret for the first year of their marriage. When Yogita heard this news, she doesn’t want to end up her married life. So, she compromised with the situation.

Dark Side of Yogita Life

Yogita Raghuvanshi is 47 years old. Her husband died unexpectedly in 2003. Yogita’s husband had a transport business. Yogita says that if she went to the field of law, she would have taken a lot of time to earn money, and considering her circumstances, Yogita had to earn money quickly so that she could handle her boredom, so Yogita chose truck driving as a career. 

A truck driver drives a truck for a long period of time. There are few women drivers in this job, and the rest of the drivers are men. Yogita Raghuvanshi would stay awake all night and drive in such a situation. Even after traveling great kilometeres, she started falling asleep immediately, so she would sleep for a time at a petrol station. When Yogita first started driving a truck, people started commenting on her because she was a female driver. Yogita states that there is no other option to go back. She drives a 10-wheeled truck and routinely delivers perishable goods. 

Yogita is not afraid of driving 

Yogita Raghuvanshi says that she should be super careful while driving. A little mistake can easily escalate into a major incident. In his whole driving career, he has never felt fear or distress. Not only that, but the rest of the drivers support her to do such work, and when she visits a dhaba, the people there joyfully greet Yogita Raghuvanshi. 

To Sum Up

Shell India has written a great narrative based on my own life. The positive lesson is that you must have the resolve to keep moving forward. This does occur in real life, and as we progress, everything will be wonderful. Growing is always required. The family has always been supportive, and the children have also been really helpful. More help has been provided than I could have dreamed, and friends should be present. When there is strain, go out with friends to eat and drink, and the tension will go.

The Inspiration Story of Yogita Raghuvanshi Makes a good impact on Youngster life.

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