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Listening to this name we all had a jerk in our mind. But through this business Anurag Asati, Kavindra Raghuvanshi has become a great businessman at present times. He has achieved a distinctive platform in the world of E-business. Online Kabadiwala is a business platform that provides the services of selling scrap online.

Introducing online Kabadiwala 

Anurag Asati, Kavindra Raghuvanshi is the founder of online Kabadiwala. They create an app for waste management. Along with the opening of a successful and profitable business, they provide employment opportunities and recycle waste. They formulated the idea and this came into existence in 2013. This is Bhopal based business start-up. Anurag Asati is an IT Engineer from Madhya Pradesh’s capital city Bhopal. With 5000 customers, The Kabadiwala is helping people earn money and with a solving problem of scrap dealer popularly known as Kabadiwala. This initiative is proving as a blessing to solve the problem of time and at the same time is saving the environment too. 

From where the Idea arrived? 

This marvelous idea arrived in the mind of Anurag when he was facing a problem with looking for local scrap dealers. He was looking for a scrap dealer to give away his books and paper assignments but as we all know it consumes a lot of time in finding a scrap dealer who gave a return of proper money value in exchange for scrap so as was with him. So, he decided to start up his business of online Kabadiwala which can get rid of this problem.  


Anurag Asati started research on the issue and came to know how unorganized was this sector dealing with scrap. So, he shared his sort of idea. And with some financial help from family and professor cum mentor whom he respects wholeheartedly Kavindra Raghuvanshi founded Kabadiwala in 2013. This includes an online platform where one is just a call away from a scrap dealer. 

How does it work? 

One has to just schedule their visit and the team of well-educated people came to pick up the scrap with a proper weighing scale and lift all item’s customers want to sell like newspaper, books, iron, metal, etc.

Faced heavy losses

When Anurag started this business, he faced many hurdles. He carried the waste, segregate it and sell them to city-based recycling centers but being not expertise in this field he faced heavy losses. The idea prepared by him was practical but the problem was in execution at that he pulled shutters down. But no such loss and problem can stop courageous and problem solver Anurag. So, he again started up after completing his graduation. He quit his job and opened The Kabadiwala.

New beginning

This time they marketed their services successfully among all. And deal with local scrap dealers and form collaboration with them along with this they incurred all the knowledge which they lacked earlier. The team’s agenda was to spread awareness among people regarding their app and waste management. They targeted school and through many parents started contacting whom children attend webinars and sessions held online Kabadiwala. They took the help of the WhatsApp business platform which served as a blessing to them. 


The Kabadiwala introduced the features of live tracking where waste was going. Once the waste is disposed of or reached the site of disposal. Kabadiwala sends the customer the notification that using Kabadiwala they have even helped the environment to breathe better. For instance, they saved trees and electricity, etc. 

Net worth of Online Kabadiwala

At present times Kabadiwala has established a well-renowned business with a profitable aspect. Now Kabadiwala is being used over four cities at climax level: Bhopal, Indore, Aurangabad, and Raipur with 50000 plus customers and a team of 25 Kabadiwala. The Kabadiwala last year cracked the turnover of 70 lakh and received an investment of 3 crores. Along with this scrap, dealers earn 10000 per month apart from incentives. Every month Kabadiwala handles 100 tons of waste. Along with this, they gave their essential role in making the earth a better place to live with a better environment by saving 10, 200 trees, 2.5 lakh liters of oil, and 13.8 million liters of water. 

Welfare work 

Kabadiwala serves the nation as well. They provide customers with the option of donating their scrap money saved from this is donated for education for children who can’t afford it and Kabadiwala provide employment opportunities too by hiring local scrap dealers. So, to sum this idea and implementation is a great deed done by Anurag Asati and Kavindra Raghuvanshi. 

The success story of Online Kabadiwala Makes a good impact on Youngster life.

                Golden words by Anurag Asati 

To be an entrepreneur believe in yourself and be a problem solver” 

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