Vinod Dham – Father Of The Pentium Chip

Vinod Dham is a venture capitalist, engineer & entrepreneur. This great personality is known as Father Of The Premium Chip. No one can overlook the contribution to the creation of the premium microprocessor of Intel. Vinod is an advisor, mentor & sits on board of companies. Vinod was born in 1950 at Pune, Maharashtra, India. No one can overlook the accomplishments of Vinod Dham as a Pentium Engineer. The Father of the Vinod Dham was a member of army civilian who moved from Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan, to India. Such a famous personality was a graduate with a BE degree in Electrical engineering from Delhi College of Engineering.

Early Life And Career

When Vinod Dham completed the BE degree in Electrical engineering in 1971, he also joined the Delhi-based semiconductor continental devices. He was also one of the most important parts of the private silicon semiconductor start-ups. Vinod also collaborated with the Teradyne Semiconductor Company, USA. 

He worked there for approximately four years.  Vinod found it to be a very interesting and exciting field because it always applied the knowledge he had already learned as an engineer. Dham also joined the Intel Co, where it had revenue of $1 million. When he left the job in 1995, the revenue of the intel had soared to $16.2 billion.

Silicon Spice

Dham also made the career out of the micro-processor who isn’t interested in the chips at all that from brains and guts of PC. Vinod also claims that the internet was moth of all the killer applications that will be able to use most of the computing power in case there was no connectivity bottleneck. The use of micro-processor has already gone beyond its use.

Silicon spice was one of the most popular companies that were also experimenting with using the fantastic reconfigurable technology to design the chips. Dham was also a learner from dealing with various consumers that there was an emerging requirement for developing chips that will be able to effectively transfer voice over the internet.

Start-up Of NexGen

Vinod also comes across the NexGen Company, which is a boutique processor design Co. That was approximately eight years old. It is one of the most popular companies that was developing the powerful intel-compatible micro-processors at that time. The design engineering team at NexGen was very capable and powerful, but the company didn’t have the chip. Whenever searching for a perfect partner for NexGen, Dham also discovered the Advance Micro Devices Co.

Dham also has a considerable amount of experience, so he did lots of important changes in the strategy of NexGen. NexGen will have to license intellectual property that will piggyback on the infrastructure which had already been creating by the PC industry.

Venture Capitalist & Mentor

By December 2001, Vinod also made a wonderful trip to India where he also met various businessmen. Such a great personality is also being impressed by the IT industry of India that was based on the off-shoring of the US software development to India.

The Success story of Vinod Dham is making the biggest impact on people’s life

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