Uppma Virdi – An Indian-Australian Lawyer & CEO of Chai Walli Pty

Uppma Virdi Initiated the Chai Walli While Doing Her day job at the law firm. And her grandfather was an Ayurvedic Doctor who taught her the special art of making wonderful herbal tea. After few years, uppma’s tea gained the hype. Nowadays, Uppma is also running an online tea store where she is selling different kinds of tea & related products like pots, kettles, strainers, candles & special chocolates made of tea. Uppma is also conducting the workshop where she is teaching tea enthusiasts how to make a wonderful cup of aromatic chai.

This Girl also got an invitation to Melbourne Tea Festival. At a specific event, she had spoken to the media regarding her desire to promote antique preparations of Indian tea across the world. The main aim of Uppma Virdi is to create paths for others. She is a true inspiration who demonstrates through her incredible work & great achievements that no challenge is impossible in this world.

Entrepreneur, Lawyer, And Hard Worker

Uppma Virdi became an entrepreneur while she was already working as a commercial lawyer. She is running an ultimate tea business that focused on bringing fantastic Ayurvedic and Indian Teas to Australia. She is also leading a proficient and experienced team. Uppma Virdi has proven to be a proficient leader, social media savvy woman, and natural leader who is continually changing the perception of a business. Uppma is a public & captivating speaker who brings her antique style to the stage.

Achievements of Uppma Virdi

Uppma already realized that her side hustle was more powerful & bigger than her imagination & required to take a particular leap from the corporate sector to entrepreneurship. Uppma has got a businesswoman of the year award from Indian Australian Business. She is running Chai Walli Pty Ltd for the last seven years. She isn’t the only founder of the Chai Walli; Uppma is also one of the most popular business and community leaders.

The Art of Chai Wali

The passion of Uppma Virdi has already made her a proficient & successful businesswoman in Australia. She is also selling the teas through her online store. And, after a considerable amount of hard work, social media campaigns, marketing, networking & some great teas, Uppma also bagged this prestigious award. She wants to educate the society of Australia via Indian culture through tea. Uppma is also running a “The Art of Chai” Workshop to teach the folks how to brew a wonderful chai.

Early Struggle of Uppma Virdi

It isn’t easy being a Chai Walli or Chai Walla, especially if you are running in Melbourne, Australia. This particular country falls under the realm of a queen, but the country has already taken to coffee more than tea. Uppma Virdi is a versatile who has a little bit complicated job to accomplish. She isn’t a full-time cafe owner or restaurateur yet but running the online business with some occasional workshops & pop-ups. She is also a proficient lawyer who is working for the firm in Melbourne.

The Success Story of Uppma Virdi making the biggest impact on people’s life.

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