Tilak Mehta- the owner of Paper n Parcel Company

To become a millionaire age never matters – Tilak Mehta

Brief about Tilak Mehta

Nowadays, internet marketing grows very fast. As every business has a touch of digital marketing and explores their business to a global level. Similarly, Tilak Mehta is also considered as one of the successful entrepreneurs at his young age. Likewise, he gets fame for his Paper n Parcel Company.

This company joined the network of a food supplier, called dabbawala. And make sure the delivery of parcels in a single day. Additionally, when Tilak Mehta was at the age of 13 years, then he started to work on his idea of Paper n Parcel Company. He has two siblings, a mother, and a father in his family.

Education and start-up idea of Paper n Parcel Company

 Tilak Mehta studies in Mumbai’s local school, named Garodia International School Ghatkopar. He was in VIIIth standard while he has the idea of Paper n Parcel Company. During his VIIIth class studies, he forgot some important books at his home. His father was also working and unable to send his books to the school.

As Tilak Mehta’s father also worked as an executive at Sealink logistic services, so he just called his uncle to courier his books. But his uncle replied that first of all the charges to courier his books are more than the cost of his books. So, he thought about what to do now as books were too urgent on that day. Then, he remembered the dabbawala uncle who supplies tiffins in Mumbai’s local areas.

From there he got the idea of parcel deliveries in one day at nearby areas. As Tilak Mehta ages only 13 at that time, so it looks too early to start a business at this age. He discussed his idea with his father and wants to have a new move in his life. As his father associates with the same business, so he said yes to invest in this business. Then they both communicated to the Ghanshyam Parekh, the owner of the tiffin suppliers, and also worked as dabbawala in Mumbai. He has financial background during his study time. Therefore, he said yes to join their idea and works as a CEO in Paper n Parcel Company today.

How Tilak Mehta implemented his idea of Paper n Parcel Company?

As Tilak Mehta has a keen interest to grow up with his idea, then he just makes a team of three- Ghanshyam Parekh, his father, and himself too. Likewise, they also hired a web expert- Jignesh Khatri. He manages all the web apps and the innovative field of technology. Additionally, to acquire the whole growth of the project, a project manager also requires. Hence, one of the dabbawala’s members, named Vaishali Nandu also worked over there as project coordinator.

Tialk mehta - The Unheard Stories
Tilak Mehta with his Employes

Therefore, a complete team as per the idea was ready, and Mr. Ghanshym Parekh rejoins the team of 300 local Tiffin suppliers. They are ready to deliver lightweight goods first in the local areas of Mumbai. The CTO of the company designs the Paper n Parcel app on the play store. So that people can download the app and schedule their orders. The main motive of this company is to deliver local couriers in 4-8 hours only. Therefore, the Tilak Mehta studies 5 days in school a week and works on the weekends for their company.

Additionally, Tilak Mehta daily set a meeting with their team and discuss the turnover of a single day. Similarly, they just scatter the whole network of dabbawala servants and they got an extra 10,000 for this work as their side income. As Tilak Mehta Paper n Parcel Company earns in crores in recent years. Therefore, the staff of this company also gets additional benefits as they can also join other foodservice companies such as- Swiggy, Zomato, etc. Besides this, every parcel has different reasonable charges as per its weight, e.g.- A parcel containing nearly 3kg weight charged for 40-180 rs. only. So, on time and soon delivery makes this company a milestone for others.

Future planning’s of Tilak Mehta’s company Paper n Parcel

As the Tilak Mehta net worth considers in millions, so he got awarded the India Maritime youngest entrepreneur award in 2018. Likewise, the main agenda of the company is to reach the goal of 100 crores in the coming two years. Moreover, this young age entrepreneur also searched as Tilak Mehta wiki on Wikipedia by other businessmen. Therefore, the youngest businessman of Paper n parcels takes it at sky-high height with his brilliant brain. In short, Tilak Mehta is an icon for other people who just think about a 9to5 job only.

The Unheard Story of Tilak Mehta is making the biggest impact on people’s life.

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