The Unexplainable Night At Crescent Hotel

Origin Of Crescent Hotel

The Crescent Hotel was first built in 1886, in Eureka Springs and was the newest and most luxurious hotel. It was built by Isaac L.Taylor who was a well-known architect. Well, as time passed and it change hands, the Crescent Hotel became known worldwide for quite a different reason. As America’s most haunted hotel.

Construction Story Of The Hotel

Tales of the Crescent ghosts began even when the hotel was still being built. In the 1920s, the hotel function as a Crescent College and conservatory for young ladies. And continued as a resort in the summer. The History college report an accident one night of a student, who was on the upper terrace and somehow fell to her death in the garden below. Observers now sometimes see a falling cloud of mist with a human figure and also the screaming sound of falling a girl.

In 1937, a quack and a con man by the name of Norman Baker convert the Crescent into Baker’s cancer-curing hospital. The hospital has its own morgue. The Baker’s hospital was nothing but a scam. The man was not trained and practicing without a license in 1936. Many came in hopes of getting treated, and many died. After knowing the truth, the baker got arrested in 1939.

The US postal inspector estimated, he did fraud of approximately 4000000 dollars. After this incident, the building was handover to several hands. Many people bought and sold the building. Afterward in 1997, Masty and Elise purchased this hotel. And promised to renovate it in 5 years and make it again as it was before 100 years. After spending more than 4 million dollars, the couple’s promise transforms into reality. On 6 September 2002, the place was restored.

Haunted Rooms And Their Stories

When the building was under construction Michael, one of the Irish stonemasons lost his balance and fell through the middle of the building, landing on a beam that is now room 218 and where he is said to linger. Now he really scare the visitors. They witness that they see a man coming inside Rome 218. Also saw, in the mirror a hand came out of a man and heard the crying sound like someone falls down from the ceiling said the guests. One night, a patron spot ran outside the room as she saw blood on the wall and a blurred image of a man. Michael’s spirit likes to play with lights, doors, and all the electric appliances.

Memorizing Morgue

In a room, before was found an ice freezer in the early days, they had real refrigerators. When Baker was there, he use that room to store dead bodies. While he was waiting to take them off to the mortuary. After they die up in a hotel. He would store them there, and he would conduct the autopsies, or his surgeons would conduct the autopsies in this room. This is probably some kind of a prep table. The autopsy table was in the middle of the room, of course, so one can walk all the way around it. So this is what he called his morgue.

When someone thinks of the morgue, you think of, like, white tiles and everything beautiful and clean. But the room was just the opposite of this. He doesn’t care about the people who die under his care. And that room is one of the most active places in the building. In this room, he also stores the organs in jars which is literally a scary part. Greedy Baker is also seen in the basement, dress in a purple and white linen suit. His spirit looks similar to his photograph.

A Strange Man

A man is spot seating at the bottom of the stairway in the bar. He is dressed in formal victorian clothing with a hat. He glace with mustache and beard with such a great personality. Many people state to entice him into a conversation but he didn’t respond and sits silently and then got disappeared.

The Crystal dining room is the other part of Crescent Hotel also contains paranormal activities. There a gentleman is spot who is seating at the table near a window. When someone approach him he says ” Last night I saw a beautiful woman and I am waiting for her to return”.  

The Unusual Experiences Of Hotel Guests

One of the visitor statements:-“About 03:00 morning, I was in room 425. Woke up, sat around there for about 30 minutes, and couldn’t go back to sleep, so I decide to walk out on the balcony on the fourth floor to smoke cigarettes. So I did, and I stood out there for probably 20-30 minutes, and it was around 04:00 a.m. I came walking back down the hallway and there’s a breaking point, kind of breaks over there. Kind of a hump in the floor. I come across that hump and when I come to this area it’s kind of a foggy mist in this whole hallway area right here.

Also includes – “And as I walk into it, I think, who’s smoking in a hallway? Because you’re not suppose to smoke in the hotel. So I make a laugh here, and I go down to my room. When I get to my room, I put the key in the door. Whenever I open it, step inside. I just take a glimpse back and it’s all gone. So kind of an eerie feeling. So I walk in and shut the door. I don’t come back out to the daylight, but it was all clear. And it’s supposed to be a really eerie feel in this area”.

Another left ghost from Mrs. Theodore’s room is a dapple. Theodora was a resident in Room 419 at the time of Baker’s Cancer Hospital. She is sometimes seen outside her door. Fumbling with her keys. Hotel employees, as well, have either seen or heard things.

What Are The Other Information Claimed By The Tourists?

Guest Henry-“I was staying in Room 316 and it was about 04:00 in the morning and heard really loud, squeaky wheels, just rusty wheels going right by the door. And I got up to see what was going on. When I went out and open the door, there was nothing there. And as soon as I opened the door, the sound stopped. Like if it was someone playing a trick on me. They don’t have time to run down and hide around either corner, because I was in the middle of the hallway and I would have heard him and seen him going around the corner, so I can’t debunk it. And so I’m convinced I heard the nurse that nurse is the lady in white”.

Henry was reportedly spot on the third floor wearing an old-fashioned nurse’s uniform, pushing a gurney covered with a sheet. She is noticed in the hallway and when someone runs after her, she is lost at the end of the hallway. Other who has not seen such activities have reported the sound of vibrating and clanking objects like gurney rolling tires down the gallery. Other ghost visibility of waiters holding a tray had been seen in rooms 202 and 424. Many more activities are spot on daily basis.


If someone visits Crescent Hotel he/she definitely will meet some new ghosts and have a great experience. You will absolutely not be disappoint. Today the hotel is fully furnished and offers 72 rooms many with their balcony. Also, surround by 15 acres of garden. The hotel also contains a new moon spa feature and salon and many more facilities are available.

Hope you’ll get all the detailed mysterious information on Crescent Hotel

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