The Ultimate Multitasker: Ranveer Allahbadia

In the world of YouTube, Ranveer Allahbadia is an ultimate social media entrepreneur who has achieved a prominent status. Multitasker Ranveer Allahbadia works as a YouTuber, motivational speaker, leadership coach and runs India’s TOP podcast “The Ranveer show”. 

About Ranveer Allahbadia 

Ranveer Singh Arora Allahbadia popularly knowns as Ranveer Allahbadiais an engineer who qualified BE in electronics and telecommunication. And by passion and profession, he is a YouTuber who blogs everyone’s mind with his motivational speeches and stories. 


As a child, I aspired to become an actor and producer. As a child, he saw a movie named rocky which inspired him the most. This film leaves a drastic impact on him and gets inspired to work harder. From the beginning, he always desired to start up his own business. Being an entrepreneur was a dream build by him which he wants to achieve to the fullest.  

Eagerness to work 

Ranveer was very passionate about work, he bunks college  


At the age of 16, he was asked what was his goal what he wants to do? Moreover, he wants to become a businessman but was not awarded so he chooses the second option to become an engineer.

By the same token during engineering he faced a lot of hustle-bustle and to himself a break, to escape from his this full of hustling life he starts drinking. At age of 17 he started drinking and age of 22 to 24 he consumed a great amount of Ganja and bhang. 

Fighting addictions  

Ranveer fought against them to secure a better future. Furthermore, the first time when he fails an engineering exam, he knew that the reason behind was being drunk. So, he decided to put up control on this habit and he also achieves better results. By choosing the way of fitness he ensures himself to come on the right track as he was aware of the fact that these addictions will ruin him. 


As he was fond of fitness, he opened his YouTube channel named Beerbiceps. The name of the channel arrived as at the time of opening the channel he was fond of beer as well as fitness. When he started earning from Beerbiceps he stops giving training and focused upon growing his channel much more.

 At present times he posts videos related to fashion, health, yoga, meditation, etc. Along with this. The ultimate multitasker: Ranveer motivates youth and almost everyone with worthy words. 

Other projects 

Apart from this, he is working on his Monk-E projects with VIRAJ SHETH this business basically handles all YouTube business activities and he is working on an app that focuses on the aspect of self-improvement. With all the hard work he too achieved his childhood aspiration to became a model. 

Net worth of Ranveer Allahbadia

His current net worth is $5.6 million,40 crores as per Indian currency. He earns rupees 1.67 lakhs per month from Beerbiceps and 5.3 lakh per month from TRC clips

From engineer to YouTube. 

So, the struggle he does results in a great way. Today Ranveer Allahbadia is one of the most idiosyncratic and well-known your tuber. With the way of fitness and his strong will, he achieved all his desires and aims with strong determination. 

“Your creativity will fill your pockets deeper than your college degree can.” – Ranveer Allahbadia. Words by him motivate one to beat the highest level of creativity. As same he inspires everyone with his story to fight all hazardous activities as he fought with his addiction developed himself as a role model for many more. He formulates and publishes valuable content which fills one with tremendous dressing sense, his yoga and meditation tips fill one’s day with serenity and contentment.

The inspiring story of Ranveer Allahbadia Makes a good impact on Youngster life.

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