The Serial Tech Entrepreneur – Krish Subramanian

Krish Subramanian is the founder of a global leader in subscription billing as well as revenue management. He is one of the best founding employees of Blue Lithium. He is a tech specialist. 

About Krish Subramanian

He is an entrepreneur who focused on building a new product as well as disrupting the market. Krish supports mobile advertising, investing, etc. Subramanian teamed up with 174 members and built one of the largest companies handling billing. He develops in California in a place long beach. Krish belongs to a joint middle-class family, he grew up with his uncles, grandparent’s other members of the family. He was born in the 1980s.

Education of Krish Subramanian

He did his schooling in a private school. There was great emphasis on the English language. He excelled Vani Vani in Bachelor Engineering and Computer science. Krish is a graduate of the University of California, Davis. Subramanian carried out his education at his birthplace only.

He was a student with radiant academic as well as brilliance, a stroke of spark to glisten. He is fond of books. When he was in eight standards, he had an opportunity to get the award of 386 Computer, that’s how he developed in Computer Programming.


Books play an integral part in his life. He had a great love for books. He even suggests three books that everyone must have looked on. The books are 

  • Leadership and self-deception 
  • Competing against luck 
  • Founders at work.


His incredible career journey begins in 2003 with a venture named burp!!! He co-founded Burrp. It is an internet recommendation as well as a review portal for a local businessman. Later on, it was acquired by network 18 in 2009. Burrp had set out in 2006 to be the Indian equivalent.  

Burrp was the First foremost website that provide the consumer with the option of looking for the best-rated restaurants, café as well as bars. This was available in eight cities. Indeed, with the contribution of founders as well as the core team of Burrp went on to become the Indian equivalent of the Payal Mafia. 

Burrp had all the elements as well as the makings of a great product. They are clutch of a strong team, strong tech, and a market waiting to be grabbed. 

In January 2004 he became a founding employee of Blue Lithium. He was one of the excellent employees. Later on, this online advertising network was acquired by yahoo in 2007 for $300 million. In 2007 it was the fifth-largest advertising network in the US as well as the second largest in the UK. 

Further, he worked on his venture Mobclix with Sunil Verma as well as Vishal Gurbuxani. This venture was again acquired by Velti in 2010. He served Velti as a chief marketing officer in 2011. He resigned from Velti in October 2013. In 2015 he co-founded Capitiv8 with Sunil Verma, Vishal Gurbuxani as well as Taz Patel.

A step towards establishing Charge bee

Before starting his venture Chargebee, he was a technology specialist at CTS. He strongly believes in the idea of Coopetition which means competitive competition. He believes as well as suggests that in his opinion the most important thing start-ups can do is to focus on the core of the product.   

This company provides technology products used by software access companies. He wanted to contribute market with something slightly different. They searched about competitors before starting a venture. Charge bee provides a recurring billing engine on top of payment gateways like Stripe Braintree, PayPal, as well as they, provide billing intelligence as an EPA layer. 

He describes his journey of charge bee from phases of zero to one as well as it was full of changes it was not a path of the straight line. Charge bee was launched in 2011 with an aim to SaaS businesses streamline their revenue operations. Charge bee is Chennai as well as San Francisco-based company.

They started the company thinking that every SaaS company has to build certain components on their own and that they should be able to provide them with that API. Charge bee also builds online web apps. Under the leadership of Krish company has risen to over 200 employees as well as 5000 more clients. 

They had funding from Tiger Global, Accel Partners. This was an $ 18million round of funding. Charge bee as a product is serving in 53 countries. The bulk of the team operates the company from Chennai. They are focusing to develop business all over the world. The company has raised over $100M from top-tier investors like Stead view Capital, Insight Partners Tiger Global Management many more. He also contributed his writings for Forbes, The Huffington Post, Advertising Age as well as Mashable. 

Piece of advice

“He states that it’s extremely important to balance life as well as your work life. They didn’t sign up for that part of the journey, the emotional turmoil. It’s important to ensure that you protect them. By doing that you are protecting yourself or committing yourself to continue this part of the journey I think that’s my biggest learning or advice that I got in the early stage which helped me”

The Success Story of Krish Subramanian makes the biggest impact on people’s life.

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