The Rise of Sundar Pichai – CEO of Google

Sundar Pichai- CEO of Google is an Indian American businessman who inspired many students in India to achieve the heights they want to achieve. Being known as the Chief Executive Officer of Google and a member of the Board of Directors of Alphabet. A child from a poor family in India who has big dreams. To fulfil and courage and determination for those dreams.

A person with great potential a sharp mind and a hunger to do some great work in technology. Incidents in his life inspired him and made him interested in technology. Which made his path to Google, later his potential took him to become CEO of Google. Named Pichai Sundararajan by his parents later known as Sundar Pichai- CEO of Google.

Sundar Pichai’s Childhood and Family

Born on 12th July 1972 in a poor family with no luxury in Madurai, Tamil Naidu. He belongs to a Tamil nuclear family. His mother Lakshmi was a stenographer and Raghunatha Pichai was an electrical engineer in a British multinational company. Sundar has one brother with whom he shares his room.

His father saw great potential in him is the reason he wanted to educate him. Sundar Pichai- CEO of Google studied at Jawahar Vidyalaya Senior Secondary School in Chennai till his 10th class. After that, he completed his schooling at Vana Vani, IIT Madras. Sundar has achieved very good grades in his school time. His father saw great potential in him in technology. 

Sundar got his interest in tech when his father brought a telephone at home when he was 12 years old. It was a rotary phone which he used and loved to talk to friends. He was good at remembering the phone number that he dialled. An incident around him made him more interested in inventing something or working in the field of technology. 

He went to take the reports of his grandparents to the hospital which is very far from his home. When he reached there the reports were not ready and would be given the next day. During this incident, Sundar thought that like telephone technology we can prevent the wastage of time. He knew what he wanted to do and made his way.

After his school completion, he went to the Indian Institution of Technology, Kharagpur. He had to travel by train for 24 hours. In IIT Kharagpur he completed his graduation with great scores. 

Something big is on the way

After graduation, Sundar Pichai- CEO of Google decided to migrate to the USA in 1993 to pursue an MS from Stanford. MBA and engineering from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. It was a huge decision taken by Pichai’s father. He took a risk and used all his savings for Pichai to send him abroad. 

After completing his education Sundar worked at McKinsey & Company as engineer an and product manager. Then he saw the opportunity to work in Google. He knew that he could do something big if he got the chance. He applied for the job and interviewed at Google and got selected by Google in the year 2004. 

After that he didn’t look back, his interest in technology and dedication. To achieve something big and helpful for people in every corner of the world. He worked very hard which resulted in becoming CEO of Google in 2015. After the creation of Alphabet (google, nest, Google Capital, Google Calico) and becoming CEO of Alphabet along with Google.

He Grew up in India with limited access to tech and it made a great impact on him. He got a lot of access to tech and knowledge from Stanford. In sweet rows of computers which was a life-changing experience for him. Inspired by Neproponte’s one laptop per child project is reason he can make Chromebooks, affordable laptops etc. 

Behind his success 

His love and passion for technology and to do some great work for the people. All these things encouraged him on his journey to success. He remembers reading about the inventions of transistors during his childhood. These helped him found Silicon Valley and companies like Fat Child Semiconductors, intel and all computers and software used today. 

There is a direct line from that invention to the technology from Twitter to Whatsapp chat. He remembers a saying that only the idea matters not the background, which he used as an ingredient to success.

According to him one revolutionary idea and one brilliant invention. Unleash other businesses men to revolutionize industries in a way that no one can predict. He is working at Google because he has the desire to be part of the community of entrepreneurs and exchange his ideas. 

Pichai spends a lot of time on books and learning academically. Whether all of the difficulties that he faces in Chennai or his high place. In the tech industry, he manages to be one of the likeable CEOs in Silicon Valley. Known as a nice guy in Silicon Valley.

Last few words

Sundar Pichai- CEO of Google is now known as a very successful Indian-American businessman and CEO of Google. He did some great work in Google like management and innovation in chromeOS and Google Chrome. Introducing webM, a new video format, adding Android to the list of Google products. And research for the development of Gmail and Google Maps. 

Awarded with Padma Bhushan in 2022 in the category of trade and industry. He gave a speech at the World Internet Conference in China for information about Google and how it can help them. Did a lot of hard work and his innovation and intelligence made him a successful person who improved the lives of billions of humans.  

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