The Path From Village to Entrepreneur – Anu Meena

The successful woman entrepreneur Anu Meena is the founder of Agrowave. Agrowave is a company that provides services like customized sorting, grading as well as packaging to maintain the quality of Agro products. Anu’s incredible venture helps farmers in getting rid of their problems. She has been a TED speaker and a Wired Next Generation Japan speaker.

Educational Background

She has completed her schooling at the government Hindi medium school in the village till 8 standards after that she used to travel 3-4 km away from the village to town due to horrible connectivity, she used to sleep on muddy roads to attend school. It was a big problem for her when she took her first test and didn’t do well.

It impacted her so much that she slipped into despair. When she was under pressure, she used to study 14 hours a day and sleep only 2 hours. She graduated from IIT Delhi in 2016 and went on to complete her post-graduate studies (B Tech + M Tech) in Delhi. Here her challenge was to cope with language transitions.

Struggling Career

The journey begins from the small village of Rajasthan. After my master’s I served in an American Start-up for a short period. Where I served as an operation analyst. I joined this start-up to learn new skills which would help me in my next venture.

In 2017, when I saw my grandfather was surrounded by a lot of problems in agriculture. I keenly observed my grandfather as well as other farmers struggling for pricing their crops in the markets then I figure out a program to help them out since I started working on a project of Agrowave. Farmers can directly sell their fresh fruits and vegetables to retailers through my program.

Anu faced many challenges on my way to becoming a woman entrepreneur, but demotivation from others motivated me to do better, so she chose to take the next step with Agrowave, and after a few months, Anu Meena received funding for my operation, which began operations in August 2017. Meena put together the efforts of Payal Jawalkar and Arun Yadav believe that journey is always more beautiful than a journey.

Agrowave assists and encourages the farmers, her virtue, as well as venture farmer, gets $3.7M in 2020. They were just named one of the top ten technical start-ups by ICT. The firm has about 45000 farmers, 20000 tonnes of product, and 2500 MPs. Besides her venture, she is a TEDx speaker as well as serves as a speaker in many more events where she inspires many young entrepreneurs.


She was born in a small village Manoli was in Rajasthan. She belongs to a family from an agricultural background. At first, his family was not supporting they asked her to go for IS instead of a start-up later they started believing in her which strengthen her more.

Awards and recognitions

She has been acknowledged by several media outlets, including Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia and Top 10 Indian Innovators. She has received recognition from the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, as well as the Global Gandhi Award 2019.

Stay determined and struggle

Her excursion teaches when you struggle hard to achieve something results are always beautiful. She encourages young people to believe in themselves and, if they are excellent at something, to give it their all in order to attain perfection.  

The Inspiration Story of Anu Meena Makes a good impact on Youngster life.

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