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The Millionaire Chaiwala – Prafull Billore

Brief about Prafull Billore

Today the story of the guy we share is an icon for those who limit themselves due to society. Mr. Prafull Billore , the owner of MBA Chaiwala’s shops now, earns in crores. Moreover, this young boy has a strong urge to start something on his own. So, he started it from a roadside tea stall. Additionally, he used his communication skills and hard work to convert a roadside tea stall into showrooms. Nowadays, he buys franchises of different foods to elaborate his business globally.

Education of Prafull Billore and family background

Prafull Billore hails from Madhya Pradesh. He has two siblings. Likewise, his father runs his own business and his brother also works in the Real Estate field. As every parent wants that their child becomes a well-educated businessman or do a good job, Praful’s parents think the same. He was a brilliant student in his school and did B.Com. After that, Billore started to prepare for CAT to get admission in top institutes of business. Consequently, he worked hard to clear his common entrance exam and studies for 8-10 hours a day.

By studying too much, he got three times failure in CAT examination. So, he felt very depressed and remained stuck in the room. His mother encouraged him and told him to have an outing for few days. Further, he wandered several cities and at last visited Ahmedabad. The place makes him famous as MBA Chaiwala’s name. Mr. Prafull Billore felt happy over there and love the overwhelming of people. Additionally, he visited different zones of Ahmedabad and become aware of the culture and taste of people. So, he planned to live here to start a new business.

The secret behind the name of Prafull Billore as MBA Chaiwala

As Mr. Billore was the shining student of his college, hence it seems difficult for him to start any roadside business. Similarly, he did not have sufficient funds to start a good business. In an interview, he cleared that his parents want to have a degree in his hands. So, he got admission to a local MBA college. To arrange his expenses he got a job in McDonald’s restaurant and worked as a cashier more than an MBA student. But still, he had a strong will to start something of his own.

Likewise, he roamed many places in Ahmedabad and get to know that a minimum 1,50,000 require to start his own business. At that time, he left his MBA course during half session. Hence, he checked his savings and planned to start a roadside tea stall. But this looks a labor work for his family and they also annoyed him to drop his MBA in between. When he started his tea stall, he used a different strategy to attract customers. Likewise, Prafull Billore faced many ups and downs during this roadside work. He offered free tea to the singles on Valentine’s Day.

As he named his tea stall MBA Chaiwala, so people like it very much. But the tea sellers around him feel jealous of Prafull. The name MBA Chaiwala does not mean to an MBA student. It stands as “Mr. Prafull Billore Ahmdebad Chaiwala.” Consequently, Prafull earned around 15,000 per month from his tea business. Therefore, other tea sellers throw him aside from their zone.

The new start-up of Prafull Billore’s tea business

When thrown out by his nearby stallers, then he spoke to the doctor near the same place. Likewise, he took some space on 10,000 rent at that doctor’s hospital. Now, Prafull Billore worked hard and smartly to achieve his goal. He hanged the resume of jobless people at his stall and employers on his stall took those CVs and call suitable candidates.

Similarly, youngsters love his social serving and Valentine’s Day offer too. However, his tea business was mocked by numerous people such as by his relatives, friends, and family members too. But he let all things aside and goes ahead with new hope. In short, Prafull Billore never feels down, even stands with new energy everyday

Success story and net worth income of Prafull Billore

Besides this, he also invested his savings from tea selling in the same business. Furthermore, his innate wish to scatter his MBA Chaiwala business globally thrush him to do more. When Prafull Billore had sufficient funds then he opened his shop and become a partner of some local franchises. In addition to it, Praful’s business became famous all around Ahmedabad. He took advantage of it and explains his tea business in a very professional manner. At the same time, Billore attended many webinars and shows. His efforts bring a lot of success to him. He got the orders from weddings, shows, and seminars too.

This huge increment in his income makes him able to take famous franchises. So, he did the same and opened too many cafes under the same name. Nowadays, youngsters become a fan of this role model guy. In a recent survey, Prafull got an award for his Valentine’s Day scheme. Additionally, Billore opened a restaurant in 2019-20 and touches a score of income in lacs. Now, the present day’s earnings of Prafull Billore reached 3 crores. His hard work and business strategies make him able to touch the sky.

As the success of Prafull Billore shouts itself, and several reputed universities and colleges invited him to give a speech about his success and share his innovative business strategies with students. Likewise, IIM Business School and the Harvard University of Business enticed him to give a talk on his business success. He shared a basic thought with all youths that overcome the fear of society and focus on your target only. So, the bio picture of Prafull Billore ensures everyone that success needs a start-up and endless efforts till last breath.

The Inspiring and success story of Prafull Billore is making the biggest impact on people’s life.

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