The Lost Souls Of Dock Street Theatre

Why Is Dock Street Theatre Called The Planter’s Hotel?

The Dock Street Theatre was the first theatre in America. The theatre was integrated on 12 February and due to a fire in 1740, all the buildings around the theatre were burnt including this theatre. The dock theatre was restarted after it was burnt down, but at a different location, which was running until 1780, after which it was closed due to low attendance. After nearly 30 years, Mr. and Mrs. Calder restore it in 1809; it was no longer known as the Dock Street theatre, but as Planter’s hotel.

Ranking Fluctuation of Theatre

It was made very impulsive and attractive people love to visit that place. In the theatre and hotel, many historical people work here like Junius Brutus Booth who was an actor at that time and the father of John Wiker Booth work there. The theatre again got so many losses. The Civil War was very hard on the economy of the south and theatre was no exception. The Dock Street Theatre was demolished badly. After that, so many up and downs came in the journey of the theatre. But in recent times, the theatre is handled by the city of Charleston.

The New Look of Theatre

In the year 2010, the Dock Street Theatre had a refurbishment. ACS, new seats, new toilets, new lighting, a new stage, the sound system has been updated, the theatre has been made soundproof, and many other alterations have been made to the theatre.

The Spirits In The Dock Street Theatre

It is known that the dock street theatre is the home to so many infamous souls. The guests at the theatre report that they have seen ghosts moving around the seats, the shadow of the lady, and the ghost making visibility on the stage. Many of the guests had left between the show by the visibility of the ghost. The Dock Street theatre has become the most haunted place in Charleston. It is reported that three spirits often appear, including Junius Booth, a lady in white, and a child in a red robe name Nettie.

First Ghost Of Junius Booth

It is known that Junius Booth’s ghost is seen by so many visitors around the stage. As he was an actor maybe he was jealous of seeing other actors performing in his place. The reality of this ghost is he does not die in Charleston either he passes away miles away in Louisville, Kentucky. The audience of Dock Street Theatre told that they feel his presence while watching the show and some also felt someone touching their neck. Some people also claimed to have seen Junius in the theatre’s passageways. It is also unclear whether the ghost of Junius is tormenting everyone or just him, although some elderly residents affirm that he is just Junius. According to allegations, Junius Booth attempted to assassinate Planter’s management manager.

Second Ghost Of White Lady

There is not much to know about this lady but very few people said that they had seen her with their eyes while leaving the theatre. They also include that she was wearing something in white. Was she an actress or working in the hotel? No one know who was she.

Third Ghost Of Nettie

Nettie was 25 years old when she came to Charleston. She was a young girl whose aim was to find the man of her life and move to the city of Charleston. However, in the 1980s, the age of marriage was in the teens, and her age was out of the picture. Charleston’s guys prefer to marry adolescent girls rather than older ladies. So, Nettie was seen as an elderly woman there. Knowing all these facts she start doing the job at the local ST. Phillip’s Episcopal Church as a priest, also a clerk, and looked after the planter’s hotel.

Why Do People Talk About Her Character?

In the hotel, she saw men with prostitutes and she knows that Charleston men will never accept her. So, she quit her job and spent all her money on a bright red outfit to capture the attention of all the guys and began working as a prostitute. Furthermore, because she was educated and gorgeous, she was well-liked by all the guys. She performs well in this. She continue to go to church on Sundays, where she had a lot of issues since the wives of the men also came to church (the husbands of some ladies were clients of Nettie) and made extremely negative comments about her character and gossip about her.

Then she stops going to church. Because of those women, their husbands stop going to her and she becomes poor as a church mouse. One day, she was having fun in the hotel gallery when a priest walk in and told her she need to return to church. As she was chatting from the second-floor balcony, a storm came and slammed the railing, giving her a shock. She got a terrible death. 

Nettie Haunting Everyone

The keeper of the theatre had informed everyone that Nettie was still in the hotel. She is the only ghost sight by most guests. She is seen near the stage in a stunning red gown. Some people let them she know is so beautiful and some told her she is not beautiful at all. Some brief that she looks like a zombie. No one knows the truth. Her body has so many scars and haunts the audience so horribly that they are compelled to leave. She is the lone ghost there who is seen on daily basis by the people also some people told that no she is seen once a month. Again no one knows the truth. No matter how much she seems, she is still at the Dock Street Theatre and has informed us of her existence.

Must Visit the Dock Street Theatre

If you really want to know the presence of these ghosts you must visit the Dock Street Theatre. It is really a beautiful place and you can experience this while going there.

Hope you’ll get all the detailed mysterious information on about Dock Street Theatre.

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