The Journey of Indian Spy in Pakistan Jail – Kashmir Singh

Kashmir Singh Early Life

Kashmir Singh was born in 1941. He is an Indian spy. Singh was in the Indian Army from 1962-1966. He was appointed as a spy on a contract base of 400 rupees. After that he entered Pakistan and there, he set up his Muslim name (Ibrahim).

Kashmir Singh lives in a small village of Hoshiarpur. He joined the police in 1967 and due to some reason, he left the police job in 1971. Later on, he went to Pakistan.

How Kashmir Singh Arrested

In 1974, Kashmir Singh was arrested by the Pakistani Intelligence Officers. In his family, he has his wife (Paramjit Kaur) and 3 children under the age of 10. Kashmir spent 35 years in Pakistani Jail.

Singh Tortured With 3rd Degree

In the same year, the Pakistani military court has sentenced Kashmir to death. He was tortured with a 3 Degree by the authorities.

Kashmir dying over there every day. No one comes forward for help and they also not offering food and medical treatment. He kept in 7 different jails for 17 years.

His wife gave up hope of his arrival. Kashmir said that they didn’t want to hear anything, they just keep beating me. They beat on every part of my body also, held both my hands out, and tied them as well as my legs also. They hung me upside down and beat me for more than 2 hours.

Prisoners, especially Indians, live in harsh conditions. Most of them are forced to live in dark cells 2×2 meters light and soundless. Apart from that there are many ways to torture and also give electric shocks. They have full right to attack Indian prisoners or tortured them.

Kashmir Singh Release

After 35 years of imprisonment he returns to India, he was warmly received at the Wagah border on March 4, 2008. His wife Paramjit Kaur and son were waiting at the border. Kashmir has two sons and a daughter. 

The Inspiring story of Kashmir Singh is making the biggest impact on people’s life.

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