The journey from 2Rs To 2000crore – Kalpana Saroj

Kalpana Saroj is an Indian Entrepreneur and woman who motivates all on the TEDx platform as a speaker. She is chairperson as well as CEO of Kamani Tubes in Mumbai. She is an owner of a company of value 2000crore. According to Kalpana Saroj, she’s the “original Slumdog Millionaire.”

Know about Kalpana

The lady full of aplomb and eagerness to achieve success was born in Vidarbha. She survived her 12year in a society of stereotypes with a strong belief that girls were inferior. 

There were police quarters allotted to them because her father was a cop. Three sisters, as well as two brothers, made up the five siblings. She was not allowed to play with other children.


She was a bright student in a school as well as was always curious to attain as much as education she could. After being pulled out of school in seventh grade, she got married.

Child Marriage 

Everyone, including her in-laws, treated her badly. The girl of age 12 was neither provided with a clothing facility nor with a healthy meal a day. She was treated like a slave all time. No matter how hard she works upon but in the end, she had to face the abuse and a bunch of sadistic people. She faced starvation, emotional well as physical abuse a day after another. When his father finally met her after a six-month wait, she sees her daughter into slavery. She hugged her father, she wailed as well as howled in an utterly bitter manner. 

Her father broke when he saw her daughter who had turned from a happy little girl to a corpse. He took off her daughter as well as returned home. He promised her to make her educated.  

Attempt to die

She was termed as a burden on her family level of hate among her and her family was steadily rising. She then downed up a bottle of poison. She states that she didn’t know how she was alive after. Even after this when people came to see her they kept on a barb at her. They comment as that hey girl why did you attempt to die. If you were dead, people would surely think that you have committed something which leads you to die.  Not allowing her to live as well as even not to die. Hence, she determined that she will achieve something that these people would be unable to speak against her. 

Beginning of a new life

Now she was not the same, she was a girl with a strong determination and spark in eyes to glisten upon. She convinced her parents to sent her to Mumbai, where she stayed with an uncle. Here he starts working with 2 Rs. day as well as 60 for a month. After some time, her father lost his job, was the eldest as well as only earning member of her family. She rented a small room with her savings. Her siblings as well as her parents joined her here. 

The incident leads her to the way of an entrepreneur

They were living in on a little amount of money. Suddenly her sister fell ill. She couldn’t afford her treatment. They roamed everyone in search of help but to no avail. He screamed with pain but she was helpless as well as couldn’t save her. Her words seared in her mind. After putting in 16 hours of labor, she decided to make it a habit.

Steps to success 

Then she went in search of a source from where she can earn money. She went through various government schemes as well as owed a loan of 50 lakh and opened a business that deals with Ulhasnagar. Along with this, she was working in a tailoring gig. She decided to open NGO as well as launch it which provide sought help to a lot.  After this, she was a builder but this was not easy to admit by male-dominated society that how a female can become a builder. There was an attempt on her life. A police officer asked her if she wanted a society card, but she refused as well as requested a revolver license so she could protect herself.

The business’s owner gave her seven years to pay back the money owed to the company when she was elected chairman of Kamani companies in 2006. In the end, her efforts paid off and the company was salvaged. At present times she is an esteemed builder her company is the builder of two roads Ramji Bhai Kamani as well as Kurla Kamani.

Net worth of Kalpana Saroj

Approximately, she has personal assets worth $112million. 

In 2013, she was awarded The Padma Shri Award for trade and industry. She too gets Nari Shakti Puraskar. 

 “ IVY league Degrees &Fancy MBA’s are not what makes an entrepreneur. Grit, Perseverance & A superhuman ability to have faith in yourself does” 

                      ~Kalpana Saroj 

The Success Story of Kalpana Saroj making the biggest impact on people’s life.

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