The Innovation Enthusiast : Irfan Alam

Irfan Alam invented the idea of the SammaaN Foundation which empowers Rickshaw pullers. He is a social entrepreneur who carried out several social welfare activities. 

A glance at Irfan Alam 

Irfan Alam is popularly known as “Rickshaw man from Bihar”. He is a savior to rickshaw pullers as he worked to empower them and to provide them with sufficient food to eat as well as many more facilities. He belongs to Begusarai, Bihar. 

Education of Irfan Alam

The innovator from Bihar completed his MBA from IIM Ahmedabad. Further, he acquired a master’s of public association from Harvard Kennedy school being a bright scholar. He pursued a degree of Master of foreign trade from Pondicherry.


Irfan states that when he was 13. His father suffers losses in the stock market. But the incidents from where this brilliant idea of empowering rickshaw pullers arise when he returns from college through rickshaw. He came to Know about grieving facts about rickshaw pullers as well as their struggling life.

SammaaN Foundation 

This esteemed foundation, founded by Irfan is not only for systemizing and empowering rickshaw pullers. This foundation gave a new outlook to this sector by turning this sector into a robust business model. 

He introduced rickshaws with advanced features which provides their customers with facilities like music, newspaper, refreshments, as well as first aid kits, etc. 

When his parents saw that he was working in this sector they tend to stop him because of his parents call he thought not to proceed further but his eagerness to do something for this sector won’t allow him to stop so in times of his college in Pondicherry he keeps studying on this sector.

The company provides rickshaw pullers with the facility of health as well as accidental insurance. The foundation helps them in raising loans as they have not paid earlier. 

SammaaN women Association  

This social entrepreneur has also established an association for women for providing them sought education, employment, as well as training opportunities to make them self-independent. 

 Other workings

Besides all these social working this unstoppable personality is also the founder of MATiNS enterprises which deals in outdoor advertising, marketing as well as portfolio management. 

After his college, he won the esteemed reality show Business Baazigar organized by Zee TV where Creative businessmen share their idea at the forefront. Along with this, he runs an association that provides facilities for primary as well as emergency Ambulance services.

Net worth of Irfan Alam

He is one of the richest men from Bihar. He is the 48 richest men and his net worth is 2.8 billion. 

Awards and compliments 

This superior rickshaw man was invited to Washington by US President Barack Obama. He won the world’s “Most Promising Entrepreneur Award”. He was selected as “40 youth icon of India” and “24 youth icon of India”.

Barack Obama complimented Irfan With 

  “You are doing a tougher job than me”

The success story of Irfan Alam Makes a good impact on Youngster life.

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