The Iconic Journey of Building Dunzo – Kabeer Biswas

Kabeer Biswas is founder of Dunzo. Founded in January 2015, it is a new delivery service. He is an Indian entrepreneur. And headed the post of CEO as well as Co-founder of Dunzo. 


Kabeer Biswas was born in 1984. When he was at age of 19 his father died. He was the single child of his parents. He started his work at age of 24. The dunzo name arrived from being things done. It is a postal service for Indian cities which makes you available with your needs within 30 minutes. 


Kabeer Biswas pursued in bachelor of electronics in Computers from the University of Mumbai in 2000 – 2004. He excelled master of business administration MBA from SVKM’s. 


Kabeer Biswas started his professional career as soon as completed his MBA in 2007. After his MBA he joined Bharti Airtel limited. He too worked at a plastic factory in Silvassa. 

From where the idea arrived?

The difficulty was that when he was working in Gurgaon, he had to spend more than a half-day on the weekends merely purchasing as well as selling goods, among other things.

Then he had a thought that how good it would be if the same services like Ola are available for such working too. After this, he shifted to Bangalore as well as he asked people that if they want groceries, have to give their clothes to the laundry, medicine, etc. they can message him on WhatsApp as well as he will make the things done for them.


After a few times, he had 10000 customers. After that, he decided it was time to get down to business. He chose his friends he worked with Ankur Aggarwal, Dalvir Suri, Mukan that. Kabeer after formulating an idea took an initiative to expand his team thus, he gave employment to students who wanted to work part-time in his initiative. 

Due to well-established as well as innovative ideas, they had a refund of $1.18 million in his first round. He launched the website to develop the business more. Now he aimed to incur more refunds as well as wanted to add automation to his business. He convinced many investors but he got 90 rejections but, in the end, they got refunding from Google for $40 million. 

At present times Dunzo is working in 8 cities. Dunzo saves people time as well as provides their services of medicines, grocery, laundry services with just a single tap. Dunzo receives 2 million orders every month. This hyperlocal delivery company is growing 10 – 15 % every month.

Net worth of Kabeer Biswas

According to estimates, Kabeer Biswas’ Dunzo has been a boon to both customers as well as Kabeer himself. According to estimates, the firm is worth between Rs 2,185 crore as well as Rs 2,225 crore, or $301 million and $307 million, respectively.

His Aim 

Kabeer’s main aim was to provide people with hyperlocal services and to save people’s time. Thus, he took the initiative which had achieved heights of success. 

The Success Story of Kabeer Biswas making the biggest impact on people’s life.

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