The Haunted Storyline Beyond Calcasieu Courthouse

Some Interesting Facts About The Calcasieu Courthouse

The Calcasieu Courthouse is located in Lake Charles, Louisiana. It was constructed in 1912. The highest dome of the structure is made of copper. So it’s a lovely sight to behold. It is on the National Register of Historic Places and is said to be haunted by a lady name Tony. It is the most haunted and famous place in Louisiana.

Story Of Tony Joe Henry

Tony Joe Henry, was a beautiful lady. Moreover, was not her given name; her given name was Annie Beatrice McQuiston. Tony had a difficult existence. She was recognized for being extremely gorgeous, but also quite disturbing. She was also one of five children by her mother and father. Tony’s mother, Ella was actually only 34 years old when she died. And Ella, her mother, actually die when Tony was very young. Tony’s father, James, quickly remarried and lived until he was 69 years old and then passed away.

Life for Tony after her mother passed away was miserable, to say the least. So she actually ends up running away in her teenage years. She didn’t have many options as she was so young when she did run away. So she work in a dance hall and eventually got into prostitution when she was 13. Soon after the prostitution started and at the age of 16, her drug addiction start, and became a drug addict when she was 16. Working at the dance club eventually lead to her becoming a prostitute, and she was essentially working in a brothel. So she met a man in the brothel name Claude Henry and both fell in love with each other. As they both were criminals.

Pair Relocation To California

The pair married and relocated to California for Tony to overcome her drug addiction. Claude or Cowboy, which was his nickname, was actually a career criminal. He kill a cop and was sentenced to 50 years in prison. Now he would have gotten life if the cop was not off duty at the time and they were in a drunken argument. So the cop didn’t really have much standing as far as his integrity goes in that situation, unfortunately. But he was facing 50 years in prison. Cowboy was extradited back to Texas where he was from and locked up there.

Tony’s Life Wrapped With Cowboy

When the cowboy got jailed, tony did not like this. She was enraged, so she decided to break him out. As the saying goes, this was a match made in hell. Tony was incredibly cold and very demanding due to her past and what she had to go through in her past.

Tony decided to get him out of jail, but she 1`, and told him she would pay him for sex because she was a prostitute. That’s all she really knew. So she paid him by sex, and he help her with these crimes so that way she could get to Texas and break Cowboy out of prison. So it start with tiny robberies to try to gain money and stuff like that and then develop into grand larceny sort of thing, but it finally took a turn for the worst when it move from petty crimes and theft to a more severe act of violence. Tony was a beautiful girl, so she use herself as bait.

She claims to be a hitchhiker and basically entices a man Burke was lurking in the woods, the man who was assisting her, and assaulted him. She then forces the driver, a man name Callaway, to completely strip down from his clothes and get in the trunk. He wasn’t even halfway in the trunk when Tony slammed it shut, and his fingers were all shattered from how hard she slammed the trunk on his hand. And not only that but there were some other reports of torture. So Tony actually drove for a few miles with Burke in the car and the victim in the trunk and basically was looking for, like, an open field or ditch and eventually found one.

The Death Mystery of Tony Joe Henry

And then Tony forced Callaway, the driver, to get out of the trunk and walk into the open field or ditch. She told him to get on his knees and pray before shooting him execution-style in the head. So she not only put this man through physical torture, but mental torture as well by telling him to pray, and committing acts of, like, torture. It’s just insane how messed up this woman was in the head. So after Tony and Burke had this crime spree and violent streak, they went to a dye bar they basically bragged about their crimes and were talking about it. 

As patrons of the bar were overhearing, someone contacted authorities. They were both imprisoned, and Burke was stated to death. And this is basically how Tony Joe Henry became the first and only woman executed by the electric chair in Louisiana on 28th November 1942 and known as the Tiger Girl. Last person she talked to before her execution was her husband Cowboy. She showed no remorse at the time of her arrest, no remorse in her confession, and also no remorse in her three separate trials. Even on her last day, she looked so cheerful and beautiful. 

Haunted Activities In The Calcasieu Courthouse

Now, as far as paranormal activity goes, people hear a lot of ghost whispers, screams of pain, and footsteps through the hallway. They hear these things when they know something like that has happened in this location. Flickering of lights and many pieces of equipment turning off and on their own still haunts many peoples. The Voice of women and the spooky encounters of a lady gave goosebumps to its visitors.

Now, the creepiest part of this is people can still smell Tony’s perfume washing through the Calcasieu Courthouse halls. Not only that, but people also smell burning hair and burning flesh as well. So that’s pretty gross. Tony was such an evil person that we can only imagine that her spirit would be terrible.


So the story was very interesting because we would definitely love to read the type of anger or lack of remorse. Kind of sad, but still interesting in a sense. So it’s a sad narrative, and it’s sort of like a bad love story that didn’t work out in the end. We don’t think it’s going to be that easy for us to just go there and start getting something, but for historical purposes, it would be interesting just to go to Calcasieu Courthouse and check it out and learn more about the story, if possible.

Hope you’ll get all the detailed mysterious information on The Calcasieu Courthouse

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