The Halloween Nights At Eastern State Penitentiary

Today we are going talk about an Eastern State Penitentiary made for people to realize their mistakes from the depths of their souls. This place was built to give criminals a new life and a new motive to live their life. Every single cell in the prison has its own story. There is no estimate of the number of people who got benefit from this vision but no one knows how many people lost their life. This was the first prison in the world that has a history of playing with people’s death and today also you can feel the presence of people in the walls of the prison.

Eastern State Penitentiary was once the most famous and expensive prison in the world, but it stands today in downfalls, a haunting world of crumbling cell blocks and empty guard towers. The Prison covers many of America’s most notorious lawbreakers, including Slick Wheels Sutton and Al Capone. It was wistful by John Havilland and opened on October 25, 1829. In the beginning, it has a limit of 250 prisons later it had up to 1700 lockups. Eastern State is famous to be the world’s first true penitentiary. Eastern State’s revolutionary system of incarceration, dubbed the Pennsylvania system, or separate system, encourages separate confinement as a form of restoration. The warden was legally allowed to visit every inmate every day, and the overseer was mandated to see each inmate three times a day

Design Of The Building

Originally, inmates’ rooms were in cells that could only be entered through a small exercise yard attached to the back of the prison. Some people believed that the doors were small so prisoners would have a harder time getting out, minimizing an attack on an officer. Others have explained that small doors forced the prisoners to bow while entering their cells. The halls were an idea to build the feel of a church. This design is similar to penance and ties to the religious inspiration of the prison. The cells were molded of concrete with a single glass skylight representing the eye of God, suggesting to the prisoners that God was always watching them.

On April 3, 1945, a major escape was lugged out by twelve inmates, including the famous Willie Sutton, who over the course of a year, managed to dig an undiscovered 97-foot tunnel under the prison wall. During renovations in the 1930s, an additional 30 incomplete tunnels were also discovered. Cell accommodations were modern for their time, including a faucet with running water over a flush toilet, as well as curved pipes along part of the wall, which served as central heating during the winter months, where hot water would be rushed through the pipes to keep the cells reasonably heated, toilets were remotely flushed twice a week by a guard of the cell block.

Prisoners And Cells

The prisoners were withheld in different segments. The doors of the prison were soo strong. The timings of meals and everything to serve were set. Criminals were also given the facility to exercise but a rule made by the prison administration was prisoners were not allowed to interact with each other. At one time two prisoners were not allowed to exercise.

List Of Torture Given To Prisoners

In the prison, a lot of activities were on, to torture the jailbird which was really terrible. Also, all the prisoners offered different torments. Some of the tortures were:-

Ice Bath

Before sunrise, the prisoners bathed every day with ice water. And given strict instructions, if someone will not take the shower, they will have to undergo other punishments. The administration of that time had put in the mind of prisoners that they are the sludgiest creature on the earth and they should please God. You can think how dreadful this would be.

Outlandish Chair 

The Chair was there to improve the prisoners. The prisoners were nude and tied with leather and chains on the chair. There was no limitation to this punishment. Sometimes the time duration was more than weak. During this, they were not given any food or water.  

Iron Gag

This action has taken the lives of so many prisoners. The inmate’s hands were bound at back with a chain trapped to an iron collar in the mouth which tear the tongue and started bleeding. 

Hole Set-Up

The administration dug a cell under block 14 known as the “Hole”. The whole contains rats and ants. A pensioner is locked there sometimes for more than 3 days, with bread and water only. Other than this, under the soil was the home of ants which made wounds of blood on the body of prisoners. This activity cost lives of a number of people.

Home Of Spirits

Due to such torture activities so many prisoners lost their life. As these tortures were increasing day by day, and prisoners were losing their lives, this became the home of the spirits of the prisoners. Then many paranormal activities start occurring. This building becomes the witness of murders, suicide, and deaths. The inmates were mentally tortured and pushed toward death. 

The fourth floor is the most haunted. Many people believe that many insects come out of their walls at any time.  Today also people hear the sound of screaming and people fully blooded are spotted on the floor. 

The prison contains one room also, where there is an old lock from the last 140 years. The prisoner’s guard reported that once it was unlocked by a craftsman. He saw in the room many people were screaming and crawling with their hands and feet. After that, he tried a lot to close the door but he couldn’t, then he got a heart attack and died. Then the door closed on its own and locked by the administration, it is still locked.

Statements Stated By Visitors

After 1913, the Eastern State Penitentiary got overcrowded. And the Pennsylvania System of isolation got ended. All the prisoners were so happy with the decision of the administration and they play, eat food, and did many other activities together. Many people spotted spooky shadows and unexplained sights. They also hear a lot of unexplained noises and saw the door opening- shutting continuously. One of the visitor statements:-

“I was just running around and heard a voice saying “Please take me out” with the footstep of a person and when I saw back there was no one there”.You can imagine how horrible and terrifying this place would be. People spot such activities on daily basis. This is one of the most exciting and haunted places to visit.

Current State Of Prison

Eastern State Penitentiary was set as a national historic landmark. In 1965, they decommissioned the prison. Back in 1971, many prisoners and guards were transferred to a great fort prison about 31 miles northwest of Eastern State. The city of Philadelphia purchased a property with the intention of redeveloping it. The site had several proposals, including a mall and a luxury apartment building, but none of it happened during the abandoned era. It was a literal forest growing on top of the cell blocks. In 1988, the Eastern State Penitentiary Task Force successfully petitioned Mayor Wilson Goode to halt her development.

In 1994, Eastern State opened to the public for historical tours. Due to its dark appearance, gloomy atmosphere, and long history, Eastern State is a location for television programs and films about hunting. Paranormal TV shows like Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, Bus, Fed Unsolved, and MTV Sphere explored the supernatural in Eastern State. Eastern State was also used in an episode of Cold Case titled The House which dealt with the murder of inmates for the show.


 In June 2008, para Mount pictures used parts of Eastern State Penitentiary for the filming of Revenge of the Fallen. Today, the Eastern State Penitentiary operates as a museum and historic site. It’s open all year round. Guided tours as well as self-guided audio tours are available. A scavenger hunt is available for children. Visitors are permitted to walk into several specially marked solitary confinement cells, but most of them remain off-limits and filled with debris from years of neglect. The museum attracts close to 250,000 visitors each year. The history of Eastern State Penitentiary lives within this cell box. Each cell has its own history.

Hope you’ll get all the detailed mysterious information on The Eastern State Penitentiary

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