The fevicol King of India story of Madhukar Parekh

Madhukar Parekh is an Indian entrepreneur, chairman of Pidilite Industry which is a world-renowned company. He is the owner of the company which deals in adhesives and sealants, construction chemicals, etc. 


Madhukar Parekh’s full name is Madhukar Balvantray Parekh. His father’s name is Balvant Parekh. Balvant Parekh worked very hard as well as was born in Gujarat in a small town Mahuva and went to Mumbai to study Law, settled here. Life in Mumbai was full of hardships so here he worked as a peon at wood trade. At that time, he lived in a warehouse with his wife. Madhukar was born in 1946 and was developed in Mumbai. He carried on as well as established his father’s business which he opened in 1959. 


He excelled in B.Scs. from UDCT as well as for further studies he went abroad as well as completed a Masters’s in chemical engineering from the University of Wisconsin the United States in 1969. 

Madhukar was ranked number 4 in the IIT entrance test but chose to study chemical technology as he wanted to carve a niche in the chemical business. He is a gold medallist alumnus of the Institute of Chemical technology.


After attaining his master’s, he joined Abbot Laboratories USA. Parekh joined family business Pidilite industries in 1971. Parekh served as chairman as well as managing director at Vinyl chemical India limited. He too worked as an Independent non-executive of director of Excel Industries Limited. He contributed himself as executive director at Pidilite Industries as well as Vinyl limited. Balvant Parekh introduced his product: fevicol and established Pidilite Industry. In starting he used to go himself to traders and deals with them. After some time, another brand launched by Pidilite, feviquick, as well as M-seal contributed to 70 % of shares each helped Pidilite to become synonyms to adhesive brands in Indian.

Since 2006 Pidilite Industry-focused to expand business on an international level by setting up factories in the US, Thailand, Dubai, etc. The company built its research center in Singapore. With laborious work, Balvant made this company a Notorious adhesive brand. 

Madhukar Parekh joined his family business in 1971 as well as he played a vital role in the successive growth of the business. In 2013 when the father of Madhukar Parekh died. Madhukar still worked assiduously so that Pidilite achieve more as well as more growth. Under his guidance, Pidilite has acquired several companies to take its place in the international market as well as enhance its product portfolio and market presence. The family as well as Madhukar Parekh founded Balvant Parekh Centre for Generals Semantics as well as other Human Sciences in Baroda in 2009. 

Social welfare 

Balvant Parekh is altruistic too as he serves society at foremost, he built two schools, a college, as well as a hospital in Mahuva. He also founded the Darshak Foundation, an NGO that studies the cultural history of Gujarat. He contributed a generous donation of Rs. 2 crores towards Bhavnagar’s science city project. MB Parekh inherited the trait of serving society from his father as well as he also takes a personal interest in the company’s social endeavor in areas of rural development, education, health, amongst others. 

Net worth of Madhukar Parekh

In year2013, October Madhukar was India’s Richest man. His net worth was $1.5 Billion. At present his net worth is 310 USD. 


MB Parekh is a recipient of the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2014 in the consumer products category. Under his guidance, the company has won many esteemed awards like the ‘Most Promising Company of the Year’ at CNBC TV 18. 11th Indian business leader Awards. Indian Chemical Council honored him with IIC lifetime Achievement Award for the year 2017.

The Success Story of Madhukar Parekh making the biggest impact on people’s life.

“In a country as big as Indian there are plenty of opportunities; it’s all about spotting them”

      ~by Madhukar Parekh & Family. 

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