The Driskill Hotel – The Most Haunted Spot In Austin

Haunted Narratives of The Driskill Hotel

The Driskill Hotel is a gorgeous building. It was built in 86 and has a long and sordid history. Smack dab in the middle of downtown Austin, Texas, it is one of the most popular hotels in the area and commands a high price due to its opulence in a prime location. The exterior inspires awe. It is the oldest operating hotel in the city, a Romanesque-style building in modern Austin, and the interior is even grander.

Formation Of The Driskill Hotel

Furthermore, some guests have checked in and got more than they bargained for. There are stories of at least three ghosts that frequent the Driskill Hotel. It is one of the most haunted hotels in the US, frequently ending up on the top ten lists, and let me tell you, even from the outside, there is a good presence.

Ominous vibes are palpable. So, let us talk a little about this building and the ghosts that may lurk within. Colonel Jesse Driscoll made his fortune supplying and beating the Confederate army during the Civil War. Flush from the war, he decided to build a grand hotel in his home, in Austin, Texas. In 1884, he spent $7,500 to purchase a plot of land on the corner of 6th street and Broadus.

He hired the architectural firm of Jasper N. Preston in sun to design the structure, and on December 20, 1886, the hotel had its grand opening. Though it was beautiful, many found the hotel too expensive. At the time, most places had an average fee for the night. The Driscoll was charging $250 to $5 a night, and business suffered for it.

The Modernisation of Hotel

Unfortunately, his cattle business was not doing too hot either. And with the lack of patrons, Driscoll was losing too much money and was forced to close the hotel less than a year after its opening in May 1887. In 1888, Jim Doc Day, Driscoll’s brother-in-law, became the second owner of the building, and legend has it that he wanted in a poker game. Driscoll would die just two years later from a stroke. As the city went through growth spurts, the hotel, too, had its periods of booms and busts.

This led to the Driskill changing hands several times over the early 20th century. At one point, the hotel was owned by George Littlefield, who also owned several other landmarks in Austin. He poured a bunch of money and time into the hotel for renovations in 1895, but despite his public vow that the building would never close again, he was forced to sell it in 19 three.

Over the next 60 years, the Driskill Hotel continued to change hands and went through many renovations to stay modern. The Driscoll was almost destroyed in 1969 but was saved last minute by a non-profit organization called the Driscoll Hotel Corporation, which raised over 9000$.  

Leaking The Unheard Facts Of Driskill Hotel

The Driskill Hotel made a bit of a comeback in the 1970s, enjoying strong bookings and hosting many events. It was even a favorite of Lyndon B. Johnson, who met his wife there on their first date, and a restaurant scene in the 2000 movie Miss congeniality was filmed at the Driscoll. But what about the ghost? There are three main stories associated with the hotel.

The first is of the ghosts of Jesse Driscoll. It is said that he remains in the hotel that he poured his fortune into. People often smell cigars, and guests and staff have experienced the light smell functioning and though much rarer, there have even been sightings of his ghostly apparition.  

There are also a lot of stories involving a child near the staircase. It is said that a young girl named Samantha died by accidentally falling down the stairs in 187. To this day, she is still occasionally seen there, trying to play with people, often accompanied by the sounds of giggling or a bouncing ball.

The Changing Expression Of Art Sculpture

The story says that a portrait of her was commissioned and hung near the staircase, but was eventually moved to the fifth floor after many reported seeing or hearing her ghosts. Some report feeling dizzy or sick when looking at the painting, or a bizarre weightless feeling that they are being lifted off the ground.

Others also say that if you stare at the piece of art for too long, she will change the expression on her face, seemingly trying to communicate. Unfortunately, the painting is not actually of Samantha. It is a modern replica by Richard King of a work entitled Love Letters by Charles Trevor Garland.

Is There Really A Ghost Behind 525 Room?

The last major tale is probably the most popular the Story of the Suicide Brides. It is said that a woman checked into room 525 after her fiancé called off their wedding. She went on a huge shopping spree and returned to her the Driskill Hotel room, where she then decided to take her own life. Some reports say that she did this in the bathroom, and others say that she lied down on the bed and shot herself in the head. Either way, the next part of the story is always the same.

Another bride rents the room and takes her life in the same exact spot on the same exact day 20 years later. Patrons have reported seeing her walking the halls, carrying shopping bags, and crying. Some have also claimed that the lights and sinks malfunction in room 525 and attribute that to the famous ghost.

Termination Of Article

Many people have experienced spooky things in The Driskill Hotel. Books have been written about the hauntings and the fan. Concrete Blonde even wrote a song about the hotel’s famous ghosts. Tell me what you think. Is this just a case of an old built-in creeping people out? Or is something spooky going on here? Would you dare to stay in room 525?  

Hope you’ll get all the detailed mysterious information on about The Driskill Hotel.

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