The Co-founder and CEO of Instamojo-Sampad Swain

Sampad Swain is an entrepreneur who worked to empower small businesses with help of the internet. He is the owner of this creative application. 

About Sampad Swain 

Sampad Swain founded Instamojo it is an e-commerce platform for digital items. This website provides a platform for buying as well as selling digital items such as e-books, research reports, etc. He belongs to Kolkata as he was an Odiya. Swain likes to have non-Chinese food. Sampad launched his brilliant idea in 2012. Swain is a person who holds trust as well as transparency, accountability in high regard. He is a sporty person he likes to play games like football, basketball, as well as poker. Sampad also went to Russia in June for the FIFA world cup 2018. 

Education of Sampad Swain

Sampad has a bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering from Nagpur. He excelled MBA from ICFAI business school, Hyderabad. He believes that we all die as well as no one will remember us but if we achieved something, we become renowned personalities thus everyone remembers us. So, this courage him to do something. 


Before he started Instamojo he invented an e-commerce business in 2009 which was later changed to Deals And you in 2010. Over the past few years, Sampad developed as well as promoting the idea of Instamojo to make it the world’s largest platform where demand payments and e-commerce would take place swiftly.  Instamojo was the first most start-up from India to Join esteemed 500 start-ups. He is an enthusiast for newcomers in the fields of fintech.  Instamojo helps more than 5 crores of Micro small, as well as medium to build, manage and grow their businesses online.

In the viewpoint of reducing paperwork, easy transaction, as well as empowering small businesses with help of the internet he purposed the idea of Instamojo. This gave a great boost to make work efficient. He was inspired to work on projects as well as with help of technology, swain wanted to empower small businesses so that they can achieve the heights of success. This e-commerce platform established by him safeguard people’s money while doing any kind of transaction. And provide transparency and loyalty to their customers. This company is working with 900 cities as well as towns listed. 

Other workings 

This hardworking personality has worked very hard for Instamojo. Apart from these, he contributed his devotional working to other brands like Godrej, ITC, ltd, as well as H- Farms Ventures. Sampad is also a fund raiser. In 2010 he co-founded deals which is a Delhi-based online platform. He is greatly highlighted on the YouTube channel Super. In which he shares that how he has become super? He states that teamwork helped him to become super. 

Major challenges 

During his first start-up, he took the initiative to convince his customers that why the internet was relevant. In another start-up, he wanted to pursue the idea of Growth of business through the internet.

He faced challenges to how to make things simpler, reducing cost, and many more but he strongly found rids to all these challenges. 


He has won awards for his marvelous contribution to the field of business. Instamojo is ranked as one of the hottest startups by Economic Times in 2015. 

The Success story of Sampad Swainhi is making the biggest impact on people’s life.

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