The Boy Who Achieved Milestone At The Age of 22 – Ishan Sharma

Ishan Sharma is an educator, video content creator, and Co-founder of MarkitUp & also worked at Geeksforgeeks & BITS goa as part-time work. With his awareness and hard work, he got successful in his 22. He is so hardworking and always passionate about new skills to learn. Let’s take a look at how he worked in his life and got successful.

Early Life

Ishan was born in a small town in Madhya Pradesh called Khandwa. He has a very strange schooling time, he used to change schools every single year, and he was in different schools & different cities. This has a lot of disadvantages as he was not able to build long-lasting friendships with people but at the same time, used to adapt himself to different conditions. Did his schooling in a bunch of cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Indoor, Bhopal, and a lot of other places.

Why did he choose engineering as his future?

When Ishan Sharma was in 9th grade, he was a lot into building things & was always curious as to what insides remort control cars and was interested in engineering and problem-solving things. One day his father was watching the news, and the headline of the news was “This IT student made over 1.5 crore package as a fresher”, this news made him crazy because he never imagined that amount of money.

Ishan was in shock that how it even be possible, from there onwards he decide to do engineering. Then he thought of getting admission to IIT college and told their parents to do engineering. So in the 10th class, he started taking coaching for the NTSE examination, for him after coming to 10th grade he used to have a hectic schedule as after school, used to go to coaching for NTSE preparation. He never experiences this type of hectic schedule. He prepared a lot and tried his best but in the exam fail only by two numbers.

Why he was not able to clear his JEE advanced exam?

But he boosts himself again and started preparing for JEE mains, then he got into another institute in 11th and 12th grade for JEE mains. At that point in time realized that he is not able to solve problems fastly, and taking a lot of time to solve problems.

He cleared the JEE main exam after his 12th but not JEE Advanced, as he got so panicked while giving the exam. When he completed his exam he knows that now he will not get into good IIT colleges but normal IIT colleges he will get. That time he feels so bad but chair up himself and start learning python. And then he gave BITSAT exam & then after clearing the exam, got admission to Bits Pilani, Goa campus.

College Life

When he went to college, some people were chilling, some were getting into relationships, and many more. But he felt he can’t waste the time he had, as he lost the chance to get admission to top IIT colleges. Ishan always had a fire to do something big. As he started, learning more about programming, and build so many projects using python & then he went into Machine learning & data science. After some time he stopped Machine learning & initiated learning web development. Spend a lot of time learning HTML, CSS,&  Javascript.

In winter vacations, he came home, that was the time when he has time to learn different things in life. Then at that, he encounters content creation and social media marketing. Before this, he doesn’t have an Instagram account or Facebook account. But as he learned about this and how this has changed the lives of people, he started getting into this.

Journey of Social Media

On 15 Dec 2019, he made his Instagram account and started working on his own content. Additionally, he was earning video editing and used to make small clips in which he talk about whatever he learned in video editing and made some great clips.

When his college started, he find so many people in his college who are doing some amazing work in their life. Some of them were getting internships at very good companies & some were on their research papers & also he even doing their startups and getting funded, plus final year students were getting jobs. At that point in time, he recognized that he is surrounded by so talented people who are doing work for the country and for themselves.

Then he felt that it would be great if he can talk to them & learn how did they create these opportunities for themselves & also he can record this conversation as he was into content creation. So he did the same as he thought of doing, he interviewed a bunch of people who were in his college and started learning from them.

His next goal was to get in front of people as much as possible, he learned about podcasting and thought it would be great to start a podcast. In 2020, he started uploading it on Spotify, apple podcast, and many more places. So at that time, very fewer people know about the podcast, and he thinks of getting in front people that he had to go to youtube. This is how he started his own youtube channel on 5th January 2020. So from that day, he started putting it in video format. 

Hate from Surrounding People

On youtube, he started getting hate from the people in his college. It was the moment when he learned that whenever you try to create something and do something that is different, that will always be some people who will put you down. And the reason behind this was to put your level down as they have because they can’t rise to our level.

So he stop focusing on them stay focused on creating content that would bring value to the audience and customers that he had. Ishan somewhere knows this will take a lot of time to grow and he has to be patient about it as the more time he will give to content, the better the chance of making it big. And he made 80 videos over 180 days. And this is how he got monetized on youtube.

On 17th June 2020, he got his paycheck from google which was one dollar. This is how his online income started. This was the 1st income source he created.

Purpose of opening the youtube channel?

Ishan Sharma made this channel mainly helping people and the by-product was making income on the youtube channel. Then he started putting a lot of content and started networking with a lot of people using LinkedIn & also wrote his book on Linkedin. And started reaching out many people as possible using Linkedin and E-mails.

That is all how he starts getting freelancing clients, these people want them to help out with their social media strategy. Afterward, he was working on growth strategies that enable him to learn more about how to grow a startup & how to get users for the start-up. 

In this journey, many clients and people were messaging him to help them out with different things, so he was not having the bandwidth to able to do so he built a market agency called Markitup with his one of college friends Saransh Anand & we started working for other startups. They hired people from youtube channels who were excited to work with them. He was also freelancing it was his second source of income. And in the first two months, the company had 5 clients.

Goal of life

His main goal in life is to empower the youth & help other people aware of different careers. He wants to add value to people and help them as much as possible for a better future.


Ishan is the co-founder of Markup which is a youtube growth agency where that works with high-growth startups. He also works part-time as a Junior developer at BITS goa. And an educator at Unacademy and Geeksforgeeks & also works as a video content creator. He got the Intel Edge Al scholarship and the Udacity Bertelsmann AI scholarship which is a great achievement.


Ishan Sharma is a man who has a number of skills and is always learning from others. We should follow him because in just 22 years of his he is earning more than 4 lakhs per month. Our youth must go with this as Ishan Sharma.

            “Network is your net worth”- Ishan

The Success Story of Ishan Sharma makes the biggest impact on people’s life.

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