Tanuj Shori – Art of Selling Real Estate

Tanuj Shori perform for Lehman Brothers and Nomura in a sovereign state such as the United States, India, and Singapore after qualifying from the Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow. Throughout this stretch, he acquires subjection in a variety of fabrication, including banking, real estate, construction, commodities, retail, and luxury brands.

He is distinct to infuse in real estate in India while waged in Hong Kong. But, as an NRI, he had to deal with a slew of issues at work. Tanuj Shori realized that purchasing real estate in India from afar is a complicated procedure. He recognized several explanations for this.

In such a situation, investing in the country while living outside your country is a very challenging task. On talking to some of his NRI friends, Tanuj learned that they too had faced such problems. Seeing this gap in Indian real estate, Tanuj saw a business opportunity in it and decided to become a businessman. 

Business Stands on the Shoulders of Research 

Tanuj founded the company Square Yards in 2013 with a $ 1 lakh investment after choosing to establish the business. He began conducting in-depth research on real estate in various micro-markets throughout India’s top ten cities and began sharing the findings with the NRI community. 

Tanujnoticed that the demand for NRIs was rising over time, so he began expanding his business by opening offices in India’s major cities. Simultaneously, he began cultivating contacts with prominent developers. 

Struggling Time for Tanuj Shori  

Square Yards encountered some of the same hurdles that all companies confront on their way to success. The most difficult aspect of this was attracting the proper people for the organization in the early stages. After gaining 8 years of experience from his job, he realized that every company should face these types of challenges.  

He did not give up and instead trained his personnel to become experts. Tanuj gave his staff entire independence of work and the capacity to grasp the obligations that come with that freedom. Tanuj states that success is determined by your skill, hard effort, and encouragement.

Tanuj’s unique approach to selling main real estate has resulted in his venture’s success in a very short period. Within a few months of its start, the firm has established a presence in 5 nations and 14 Indian cities. The team of 900 people also gets success with a short period. 

Achieving Heights of Success 

Square Yards has grown significantly in just 6 years and is one of the few Indian start-ups that has successfully extended abroad. It has a direct presence in over 20 places worldwide and employs over 5000 people across 9 countries. 

The company gets an ultimate height of success due to the unique thinking of Tanuj Shori. He states that he never thinks that he could enter into the world of entrepreneurship. 


Tanuj is pleased with the company’s progress and claims that Square Yards will become the top real estate advice agency for residential properties in the country, as well as gain success in NRI markets such as Singapore, Dubai, Hong Kong, and London. 

The Success Story of Tanuj Shori makes the biggest impact on people’s life.

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