Srikanth Bolla – Lord of Disabled People

Early Life

A blind man who is now the lord for the hundreds of disabled people-Srikanth Bolla. He was born on 7th July 1991, in Seetharampuram, Machilipatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India. Furthermore, he was born into a poor agricultural family. He called his parents the richest couple in the world because they rise him going against society.

As giving birth to a child is the happiest part for a couple and giving birth to a male child gives a rocket to that happiness. But this doesn’t happen in Srikanth Bolla parent’s life since he was born blind and society targeted their parents and said “giving birth to such type of child is a big sin”, a child with no apple in his eye and even no eyes like normal people. The comments came to their parents – to murder their boy and have less pain in life. But his parents brought him with a lot of care, love, and compassion against all oughts that is why he called his parents the richest couple in the world.

Cultivating Land For School

Bolla in his early childhood goes with his father for the cultivation of land but was not able to understand anything and not able to see thing what his father is doing, his legs go in mud as he was a child. So his father was supposed to do something different for his child and started sending Bolla to school. But his village has no school and his father put him in a school far away from the village, sending him with a lot of threats, as it was not easy to cross cultivation land, crossroads, and traffic vehicles for going 5 km. Even going to school after facing so many problems, he was asked to sit aside.

Relatives and some people suggested his father, give him admission to the school with students of relevant abilities. So he was sent to Hyderabad for a special school and finally began his career as an outstanding student till the 10th class. Also, become a National Player in chess and cricket.

Science As His Stream

After the 10th Srikanth Bolla decided to take science, but everyone told him he could only take arts because he was blind. After knowing this he filed a case and after six months of waiting, he was allowed to take science at his own risk. As already six months of the class were gone, he asked his mentor to convert textbooks into audio taps. He work hard and got 98% in 12th.

After the 12th, it was time for college. He applied to so many IIT colleges in India and after waiting for so much time he got a letter which says as he was blind he was not able to apply to any competitive exam so he decided ” if IIT doesn’t want him, then he doesn’t want IIT either”.

“When the world says you can’t do nothing I look at the world and says I can do anything”.

So finally after rejection from India, he applied for college in United State and got admission letters from four top colleges. Then he was admitted to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology ( MIT) as the first blind student. In college also he faced a lot of problems but many of his teachers and colleagues were very helpful.

Helping Hand

After completing his studies he got so many job opportunities in America, he thought of coming back to India. His aim in coming back to India was to help the millions of disabled people who are excluded from economic development and economic prosperity. Likewise, he sees the Cottage industry in India with a lot of problems of subscale, substandard, and very less productivity. So he decided to create a top-class
industry of eco-friendly products that people will use and employ people from marginalized societies.

He built a very strong support service platform to find, rehabilitate, nurture, and reintegrated disabled people or kids into society, not out of society. Their company supported over 3000 disabled students in education, vocational rehabilitation, support, and much more. For employment, he build a company with thousands of disabled employees and cross millions of sales. Even today his company is on day
one of its growth.


Srikanth Bolla was also a youth leader until 2005 and also become a member of Lead India 2020- the Second National Youth Movement which was started by A.P.J Abdul Kalam whose aim was to destroy poverty, illiteracy, and unemployment in India.

In 2012, Bolla begin his industry of areca-based, providing jobs to hundreds of disabled people, the funding was done by Ratan Tata. His average growth is 20% per month since he started his business and cross the turnover of Rs.150 cr in 2018. Bolla has been given award of youth excellence award by the Telugu Fine Art Society of New Jersey, Entrepreneur of the year by NDTV Indian of the year award 2015, the business line young change maker award 2018, and many more. Also, become a young global leader in 2021.


We should show normal behavior with disabled people and help them where ever they needed. Remove loneliness from people’s lives as loneliness is significant poverty and makes a better world and makes people happy. Fairness and a cleaner world to live in. If we do something good we will the ones to get benefits first.

The Success Story of Srikanth Bolla makes the biggest impact on people’s life.

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