Sri Prakash Lohia – King of Polyester PET 

Sri Prakash Lohia is the Polyester PET ( Chemical) king of the world. At the age of only 22, he moved to Indonesia. He wants to give our youngsters great advice, what they should achieve and how they should achieve in their life. Prakash belongs to India, but he spends most of his professional life in Indonesia only.

They have the World’s largest Petrochemical Powerhouse, which includes fertilizers, polyolefins, textile raw materials & medical gloves.

Early Life

Sri Prakash Lohia was born in 1952 on 11 August in a very wealthy family in Calcutta, India. In 1971 he graduated from Delhi university with a bachelor’s degree in commerce. His father’s name is Mohon Lal Lohia and his mother’s name is Kanchan Devi Lohia. 

Along with him, they are five siblings, one sister, and four brothers. His brother’s names are Om, and Aloke & sister’s name is Aruna.

Move towards Sucess

Prakash Lohia shifted to Indonesia with his father and they started Indorama Synthetics which manufactures spun yarns in 1976. His father was very concerned about their children, and in 1980 he divided the company among all the brothers so that there would be no disputes in the future between them.

After all these divisions, Om Prakash set up Indorama Synthetics in India and he also shited to India only. And younger brother Aloke moved to Thailand to produce a factory of Wool yarn named Indoarma holding. 

First of all, in 1991, Indorama Synthetics increase its business by manufacturing Polyester Fiber. Next, in 1995 they started polyester bottle-grade ( PET) resins manufacturing. 

In the year 2006, in Nigeria, they bought Olefin Plant, which is the largest petrochemical company in West Africa nowadays and also the second largest Olefin manufacturer in Africa.

The company is in Singapore, and Indorama cooperation is Lohia’s company and he is the most successful man in his life.


Today Indorama group has 77 manufacturing sites in 28 countries. The company’s objective is the construction acquisition and management of leading global production facilities all around the world. Indorama is the largest global producer of polyester,  PET, and synthetic disposable gloves. In his companies, he has more than 30,000 employees are there.

His best part was being awarded by the President of India, with Pravasi Bharatiya Saman Award in 2012. Furthermore, he was among the 50 richest people in Asia in 2015. In 2013, also he was the 6th richest person in Indonesia ranked by Forbes. This was a great achievement for him that he was among the richest man in Asia and Indonesia.  

Motive in Life

Mr. Lohia has the largest collection of lithographs and old books. He loves to read books. In an interview in said, ” Presentation is my love for books and manuscripts, business is always there, now we are the largest producer of Polyester and PET”. Also, he is one of the second largest collections in the world of colored Lithographs.

Prakash also told he feels satisfied when he converts knowledge to the world, and he had books of love and manuscripts so they try to put books all our books on the web. His mission is to put all the lithographs to place on the web. Already he had put 6000 Indian manuscripts on the web which have almost two million pages in Sanskrit to translate them into Hindi and English so that our youth learn about our culture & civilization.

What is the meaning of Indorama?

Indorama has two parts, Indo and Rama. The meaning of Indo means Indonesia and the other word Rama is from the Hindu God Ram. Mr. Lohia used to live in Indonesia but half of his time in London also.

Mr. Lohia Personal Life

Prakash doesn’t give interviews and doesn’t make a public appearance so much. He got married at the age of twenty-one to Simma Mittal who is a sister of Laxmi Mittal, they have blessed two children, named Amit and Shruti.

Amit completed his graduation from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business. Additionally, in Indorama corporation he is managing director & also in many other Indorama companies a director. Now Amit is also handling all the work with his father, and they both have a great bonding. In an interview, also they told they never have clashes between them, and always work with great spirit with each other. 

Prakash’s Daughter, Shruti Hora lives in Singapur and completed his bachelor’s from Babson College. His brother is also a billionaire in Thailand.


Mr.Lohia is a great personality who loves to read books and has the best old books collection in the world. Moving to Indonesia was also not a small decision of his father, but they took risks and becomes successful. Prakash at the age of 43, build one of the world’s largest Petrochemical Company-Indorama. His Net worth is US$3 billion as of 2022. 

The Success Story of Sri Prakash Lohia makes the biggest impact on people’s life.

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