Sanam Kapoor – Guy with Giant Pizza Slice

Sanam Kapoor guy from the city of Chandigarh who dreamt of a start-up and came up with an idea of a pizza store outlet which he started in Tricity Chandigarh with the first outlet in sector 9 which offered giant pizza and giant slices. He was the first guy who started this trend in here in India. Today there are over 150 Stores all over India.

Early Life and Initial Days

Sanam after graduation worked in the IT sector for a few years. Life was going smooth in the meantime he felt that he should have something of his own and thinking of this he left his job in the company looking for something that he can do for himself and build on his own. Meanwhile, he thought that he should do some start-ups in the IT industry.

But it would have taken a huge amount of Finances which he was short of. Also he always had a thing for cooking and becoming he chef this is how he started thinking of something which would not take a lot of money and he could also do something of his own. That was the day back then in 2011 Jan it was when initiated something of his own.

Yes, Sanam Kapoor started his very own first store in Chandigarh Sector 9 where he started selling Pizza. What made his pizza different from other brands was his size and slices which were giant in size and people started loving the taste and got something different to try. That was the day SANAM KAPOOR never looked back and made his own Brand.

Sanam Kapoor Growth and Success

His first store named ‘Pinocchio pizza’. Where he started serving Italian pizzas in Indian Style which was the most loved part about their pizzas in starting. This was an idea that he studied and implemented. He knew there was no extra-large pizza in the market and Sanam Kapoor started serving the same. He started new Indian flavors, a few Italians, and some pizzas were mixes of both tastes. This was the part that was loved by the people of Chandigarh in his first store and he got the limelight through this which helped Sanam in scaling his business. From the very first store slowly built over 150 stores in India

Now he is planning to launch over 150 stores in this one the year 2022 not just that today his brand is named ‘La pinoz’. He is planning to scale worldwide today they have planned to launch in the US, Canada, Australia, and East India.

Sanam Kapoor Achievements

Today ‘La Pinoz’ have over 150 plus running stores and already expanding. The Owner Sanam has proved that he is not dependent on someone and he has created his own success story in the Food industry. Expanding globally and working on new ideas with the team to launch new recipes.

Not just pizzas today they are serving Tacos, Garlic bread, Choco lava cakes, mocktails etc. this is how a successful Entrepreneurial journey looks like not only this today they are growing every day with their marketing strategies and their pricing.


From the story of this Pizza guy, we get a lot of inspiration and knowledge about the circumstances and hurdles that one faces in his journey of a startup but a good idea and consistency can make you a successful entrepreneur and one can build something of his own if he is dedicated and thoughtful about his idea and coming to the end we must note that these things can never be missing if we want to succeed.

At last, we wish all the best for his brand and many more successful years ahead.

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