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Ravindra Kaushik – RAW Agent ( Black Tiger of India )

Ravindra Kaushik also known as the “Black Tiger”.The name “Black Tiger” was first coined by Indira Gandhi. An Indian spy who saved many lives, and became a major in the Pakistani Army.So, without wasting any time let’s start and read his whole story.

A detective is a profession in which the name of a detective is popular only when he caught. It is the identity of a good detective that he can get more information without disclosing his identity. Actually, their jobs are very intense and serious.

Ravinder Kaushik was caught due to the Indian army. He gave vital information about Pakistan to India.

Ravindra Kaushik Early Life: –

Ravindra Kaushik, who lived in Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan, was born on April 11, 1952, seeing his father in the Indian Air Force, reminding Ravindra Kaushik of his patriotism. After attending public school, he take admission to a private college. Kaushik was very fond of acting as well as he also participating in collage dramas.

At the same time RAW i.e., (Research Analysis Wings) were looking for spies. who could go to Pakistan and bring them valuable information? One such officer watches Ravindra Kaushik when he performing in Drama, The officer was very impressed with his performance. He told about Ravinder to high authorities

A few days later, the seniors of RAW came and looked at the art of Ravindra Kaushik. Senior’s very impressed with Ravindra’s acting. He told Ravindra about his mission.

Ravindra had to get his training in Delhi before going to Pakistan on that mission. He told his father that he got a job in Delhi and henceforth he will have to stay in Delhi. After going to Delhi, he started his training, learned Urdu, changed his handwriting, and also changed his language.

Ravindra Kaushik Journey in Pakistan: –

In 1974, Ravindra Kaushik sent to Pakistan, where he got the nickname‘Nabi Ahmed Shakir’ and starts living in Islamabad. he take admission to the University of Karachi and starts preparing for LLB course. He married a Pakistani girl ‘Amanat’ and after some time, He becomes the father of a baby boy.

How Kaushik Become Major in Pak Army: –

Ravindra Kaushik also came to India 3 to 4 times, first go from Pakistan to Dubai and then from Dubai to Delhi. Ravindra joined the Army of Pakistan and started working in the Pakistan Army, from which he used to give secret information to India, because of his good education, he also promoted the Pakistan Army and he became the Major of the Pakistan Army.

After coming to such a senior position, he started getting details about the Pakistan Army. Pakistan Army used to plan an attack on India through the Rajasthan border and Ravindra told all their plans to India.

He gave Pakistan’s top-secret information to India and made India stand ahead in every battle against Pakistan. In 1979, he gives very sensitive information to India, after which he got his title name(THE BLACK TIGER)

Another Agent Sent to Pakistan by RAW: –

RAW (Research Analysis Wings) sent another agent to Pakistan named InayatMasiha and said that he has to be in touch with Ravindra but this spy caught by Pakistan Army.

After much torture, he told Pakistan all about his plan and he also told about Ravindra Kaushik, and the Pakistan army also arrested Kaushik. For 2 years, Ravindra was torture a lot and he did not give any sensitive information to Pakistan.

Tragic End of Ravindra Kaushik’s Story: –

For the next several years, Ravindra Kaushik kept in different jails and there he suffers from asthma and Tuberculosis Disease. He kept sending letters to his family and he also wrote about his health and Pakistani torture in letters.

Due to his bad health condition and illness, Ravindra Kaushik Died on 21 November 2001. 

The Inspirational story of Ravindra Kaushik is making the biggest impact on people’s life.

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