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Radha Vembu – The Working Force Behind Zoho mail

Radha Vembu is one of the Indian billionaire businesswomen. She has 48 % stakes in Zoho Corporation. Her brother, Sridhar Vembu co-founded the Zoho Corporation in 1996. He started it as adventNet. She recently works as a product manager in the company’s e-mail service. The name of the e-mail service is Zoho mail. Presently, she is working behind the walls and away from any kind of limelight.

Personal life of Radha Vembu

She was born in 1972. Her birthplace was Chennai, Tamil Naidu. The name of her father is Sambamurthy Vembu. He was a stenographer in Madras high court. Vembu has four siblings. She went to National Higher Secondary School, Chennai (Madras). Afterward, this business entrepreneur studied industrial management. Radha Vembu has done her studies at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras. After doing her post-graduation, she started her job in Zoho in the year of 1997.

She was married to Rajendran Dandapani in 1998. At the present time, he is working on the post of Business Solutions Evangelist at Zoho. Her son name is Aditya Rajendran. She is currently residing in Chennai.


She loves gardening. It is her hobby. In her free time, she works in garden. In addition to it, Radha like other common Indian girls likes to make rangolis on several occasions.

About Zoho mail

Zoho is a private Indian software development firm that has a billion-dollar net worth. Radha Vembu has been working as product manager since 2007. She does not change her designation until now. She has taken the Zoho mail to next level. Undoubtedly with her firm belief and dedication, Zoho mail is now among the top e-mail providers worldwide. She took charge of product manager 14 years ago. In these 14 years, the astonishing growth of Zoho mail is seen.

Zoho mail is a full-fledged app that gives you the option of the calendar as well as contacts. It is competing with e-mail providers like yahoo and g-mail. Moreover, Zoho mail is also good for every type of business for secure communicating. There are about 50millions users globally.

Net worth and other designations

In the list of 2020 billionaire women, Radha Vembu is at 60th rank with a $ 1.4 billion net worth. In Corpus Foundation, she is working as a director. According to the sources, she serves in Zoho’s workplace. She works with a team of 250 people, processing of 45-plus products also comes under her. She manages everything very properly. Furthermore, Mrs. Radha Vembu is number 1730th on the list of billionaires of 2020.

Invisible but invincible           

Her style of working is different from other product managers. Vembu gives total freedom to execute workers’ plans. She believes in a bias-free work environment for the growth of any business. Radha Vembu does not like to be in limelight. She keeps herself away from the public online as well as offline. According to her, generally, the senior team of Zoho does not like any public attention. She said that she only focuses on the quality of products. In other words, there is no need to focus on the people behind it

The Inspiration story of Radha Vembu is making the biggest impact on people’s life

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