Passionate Preserver of Indian Dancer – Payal Kadakia

Payal Kadakia is one of the topmost female entrepreneurs as well as dancers. She is the founder of Classpass as well as artistic director of Sa dance Company which is dedicated to Indian American Identity. She is passionate and a lover of Indian Dance as well as promotes as well as preserves India’s cultural dances.


Payal Kadakia developed ClassPass, the world’s most flexible gym subscription, as an innovative enterprise. She is an American Businessperson. She was born on 2 February 1983. Her father’s name is Harshad Kadakia. Her mother is Geeta Kadakia. She had a younger sister, but she didn’t want to talk about her Payal Pujji is married to Nick Pujji, a lawyer who practices law in New York City.

Kadakia belongs to New Jersey. Payal spent her time doing Writing, Yoga. She loves reading books her favorite book is Memoirs of a Geisha: A novel. Due to a hectic schedule, she gives herself to dance three times a week. 


Payal did her schooling at Randolph High school. Kadakia completed her degree in Management Science. She received education from her college named Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 


For Payal, her mother is a role model. For her, she’s a source of inspiration. Payal noted in an interview that “My mother was a powerful role in my family, as well as having a strong female around me was very significant in my life. ” My mother seemed unfazed by everything. This is the same determination as well as dedication that I know I have.” If there was an issue, she would say, “Here what we’re doing correctly it.”. Her words make us believe that for Payal her mother was a boost of inspiration for her. 


After graduating, she worked as a Senior Associate Consultant till the end of the year 2008. Warner Music Group hired her as an associate director.

How did she start dancing? 

Payal was just 3 years old when she saw her mother’s friend performing classical dance till date she fell in love with the art of dance. She is an excellent dancer at the moment. She is a superb dancer. Payal debuted the ClassPass in 2011. But this project went unsuccessful due to reasons of abuse promotion codes as well as very few subscribers. Mobile, laptop, and other devices with internet access are available to Class Pass members. As well as she gets the opportunity to enjoy events like group runs community yoga sessions. She now heads the post of CEO of ClassPass.

Along with Classpass, she opened The Sa Dance Company in 2009. In addition to Indian Dance, this studio also specializes in other forms of dance such as Bollywood Classical, Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary, as well as others. 

When and why did Sa Dance come about?

The main aim to open Sa Dance Company was that when she grew up, she wants to communicate her culture through her company. Sa Dance Company had its name from music octave Sa Re Ga Ma…. so on. 

Net worth of Payal Kadakia

Payal’s net worth is estimated to be $50 million. Her company now offers classes in 28 cities over 2500 as well as receives over 40 million dollars in funding in 2015. Her name is listed in Forbes among eight women entrepreneurs on the rise, and Fortune listed her to its 40 under 40 list. 

The Success story of Payal Kadakia is making the biggest impact on people’s life.

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