Paras Chopra – Man At The Back of Wingify

All About Paras Chopra?

Wingify’s creator and CEO are Paras Chopra. Wingify comes about online analytics as well as optimization mechanization, including its reciprocal consequence Visual Website Optimizer. Besides joining Wingify, paras worked as an R&D engineer at Aspiring Minds. Paras also laid down the foundation of Kroomsa.

It is the type of platform, where Indian musicians can promote their music across all over the world. Chopra engaged as an analyst at Grail Research before establishing Kroomsa. Chopra qualified from the Delhi College of Engineering with a BE in biotechnology. 

Zeal With Computer Programming

Paras Chopra was happily born in Punjab. His parents were very straightforward. Chopra was engaged with computers at an early age. Para’s father dealt with computers for quite some time. He had a background in agriculture as well as biochemistry, but his father needed to use computers to complete his task. He owned a computer when a 200Mhz computer was considered the finest in class.  

Instead of doing the typical things that others do, Paras became obsessed with programming. It was straightforward language. Using the drag and drop functionality, Chopra was able to create complete applications. Paras trawl toggle as well as text crate and then fasten the logic with an easy-to-understand tongue. It was a lot of joy being a 13-year-old who could develop usable applications that other people could use. During 9th grade, I began programming at school. Paras came across the topic of Artificial Intelligence as well as thought that it was a very interesting topic. He took time to grab all the informative information on AI. They were keen for paras to pursue a career in computers. Paras learned about a completely new field. 

In 2008, Paras received my diploma. Even though he studied biology, Chopra was always highly fascinated as well as engaged with computers. Computational biology was my biotechnology emphasis. In such a field, he uses computer programs to represent biological difficulties. This evolved paras into the use of large data sets. Paras Chopra read an article on ‘How to Start a Start-up’ in high school. It was very well written in a format, and it helped paras to realize that he wanted to start his own business. During his college years, paras experimented with three or four different enterprises. Kroomsa, a music platform that encouraged independent Indian music, was one of paras ventures. 

Wingify Company Start-up 

Furthermore, Paras informed his boss that I was working on something unrelated to what he was doing. From the beginning, paras want to create something unique as well as creative. Google Analytics was fairly popular at the time, and paras began using it. He discovered that Google Analytics provides a wealth of information about what is going on.  

Paras Chopra’s objective was to create a tool similar to Google Analytics that would allow users to make intelligent modifications to their websites using that platform. This would allow them to make changes depending on the data they receive from Google Analytics. Paras set out to commoditize the marketing as well as optimization aspects of small as well as medium-sized firms’ operations. That is when his scoping began. Paras concentrated on what marketing optimization meant for a website. It meant that you had to integrate A/B testing capabilities, targeting features, as well as segmentation as well as analysis features. 

How Paras Deal with The Problems?

Paras Chopra choose to concentrate on a single topic a keep thing simple. He ended up deleting all of the code which he had created. Paras learned many things from his mistakes which he has done earlier. As the emphasis area, Paras picked A/B testing. There was a free Google tool for website optimization at the time, but it had extremely bad customer feedback. It was tough to utilize. To use it, you have to have separate versions of your website. Some high-end commercial products required thousands of dollars in membership fees. 

Paras Chopra design a really basic formula, which is an easy-to-use A/B testing solution that could be delivered at a reasonable price. You wouldn’t believe how many hacks paras utilized to create this innovative version. 


That gives us hope for what we can do. One of the reasons Paras convinced herself not to pursue venture financing is that he doesn’t know how long this route will take. We’ve had a lot of offers, but we’ve turned them all down thus far. Wingify is likely to have a lengthy voyage, in his opinion.  

The Success Story of Paras Chopra makes the biggest impact on people’s life.

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