Nusli Wadia – Billionaire Businessman In The wake of Wadia Group

Who Is Nusli Wadia?

Nusli Wadia, despite his ties to Jinnah, had a murky background. He was raised as a Christian but later convert to Zoroastrianism in order to live among Mumbai’s industrially rich Parsi population. He earned his doctorate in chemical engineering from the University of Florida in the United States. Nusli was sent to a public school in England for his education.

Constructional Work of Bombay Dockyard?

When the Wadia Group began its commercial adventure, the first industrial revolution had not yet. The Wadia group’s voyage began on January 10, 1736, with a letter sent from Mumbai to Surat. When the British summon Lowjee Wadia, a carpenter, and shipbuilder, to Mumbai to build ships. Lowjee came to Mumbai quickly and began to supervise the construction of the Bombay Dockyard. Over the course of 160 years, he and his family construct 355 boats.

The Wadia group’s ships are of such high quality that the world’s second-oldest surviving warship, HMS. Wadia later form a teak wood trading firm in 1863, which is listed on the BSE. Meanwhile, Lowjee’s great grandfather JBH Wadia and Homi Wadia develop Wadia Movietone in 1933, influenced by Indian and Hollywood films. A film studio in Mumbai’s Chembur district. Wadia Movietone went on to make 20 films, several of which were box office blockbusters.

 Stepping In Business from Movie World

In southern India, the Wadia Group owns various tea plantations, including the Singampatti estates about 2800 hectares of cultivation and producing 8 million kgs of tea each year. This business also has 603-acre tea farms in Tanzania (Africa), which generate 8 lakh kgs of tea annually. Furthermore, in the United States, the Wadia Group holds a majority interest in North America’s first 100% organic tea brand, which produces over 60 million teabags each year. In Karnataka, the business has 8 coffee plantation properties totaling 927 hectares of plant coffee and produces around 1000 tonnes of coffee each year. The firm is involved in Singapore projects.

Wadia Group Multi Business Projects

The Wadia Group owns the Go Air airline. Go Air has a domestic market share of roughly 11%, a fleet of over 50 planes, and has transported over 76 million people. In India, the Wadia Group owns Bombay Dyeing, a previous significant textile company that has now turned into one of India’s largest companies with over 350 exclusive outlets.

Furthermore, the organization has access to Wadia techno engineering, a real estate consulting firm that has been engaging in over 1800 development projects, including the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Mumbai and the coveted National Stock Exchange. Wadia Group is also India’s largest maker of hydrogen peroxide and the owner of Britannia, the country’s premier food brand. Every day, around 2 million individuals buy food from Britain.  


Mr Nusli Wadia, the primary shareholder, and CEO of Bombay Dyeing is a well-known Indian textile enterprise. The Wadia Group, which has extensive real estate holdings around Mumbai, is worth $4.1 billion and has one of the city’s largest land banks.

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