Not All Heroes Wear Capes - Barun Biswas

Not All Heroes Wear Capes – Barun Biswas

Beginning of his Life 

Back in 2012, some people in India considered raising a voice against immoral, a crime. Sadly enough, we still have people like that in our country. Barun Biswas took a step that no one else could, and instead of receiving a reward, he shot dead at the age of 39 on July 5, 2012. The sad incident took place in a parking lot outside the Gobardanga railway station in West Bengal.

Barun was a young resident of Sutia. He was the son of a laborer. After receiving his master’s degree from Calcutta University, Barun started his career as a school teacher and a social worker. Barun was a member of Panchpota Sashadanga Sarada Seba Sangha.

The Village Sutia and the Protest

Sutia is a village in West Bengal. A group of criminals led by Sushanta Choudhury dominated the villagers. The villagers were suppressed by weapons such as sexual torture and murder. Women were raped in front of their husbands and children. The situation got worse when the police did not come forward to help the poor villagers. Anyone who raised a voice against the group was either raped or murdered. Looking at the situation of the poor villagers, Barun decided to protest fearlessly.

In order to expand this protest and motivate people to stand against the injustice, he co-founded an organization named Sutia Gonodhorshon Pratibad Mancha. For the poor, scared, and suppressed villagers, Barun Biswas came out as a ray of hope. The organization was a team of seven people at first who went door-to-door for motivating people to join the protest. The battle cry was that if we don’t fight against the rapists, we deserve a more severe punishment than they do.

The organization held many public meetings to break the barrier of fear and to start fighting against evil. Barun helped the victims to file a case against the criminals. After a lot of struggle, the police arrested all the five criminals, including Sushanta, and the judge sentenced them to life imprisonment. However, his good deeds did not end here. He also counseled the rape victims and made society accept them. Brave Barun got several threats after he started protesting, but none of the threats made him take a step back. He stood firm and decided not to marry as that would endanger his family.

Barun’s deeds & his death

Mr.Biswas pursued a BEd from B.T. College, New Barrackpore. Even after passing the West Bengal Civil Services examination, he chose a simple life as a school teacher and a social worker. The dedicated young man always committed himself to help society in every way possible. He took care of the elderly, helped poor children to study, campaigned for the construction of a canal to prevent floods in Sutia, and hundreds of other things that did well for society.

The 21st Godfrey Philips bravery awards

After he was shot dead by one of Sushanta’s aides who confessed to receiving the order of murder from the leader from inside the jail, the village of Sutia lost a true gem. The unheard stories of Barun Biswas proved that a lot can be achieved by giving up fear and walking on the path of bravery and truth.

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