Nirmit Parikh – The Youngest Teenage Entrepreneur

Nirmit Parikh is the founder of Apna, the leading professional networking platform. The app provides users the option of a variety of jobs online. Apna recently entered the uniform club $100 M series funding led by Tiger Global.

Qualification Background Of Nirmit Parikh

Nirmit has a bachelor of technology in instrumentation as well as Control Engineering from Nirma Institute of technology in 2009. In 2016 he excelled master of Business Administration from Stanford University Graduate school of Business. One of the reasons to pursue his MBA he wanted to know more about running network-based businesses. This decision helped him a lot in building Apna.

Career of Nirmit Parikh

When Nirmit Parikh was 19 years old, he started a company “Incon” dealing with hydropower automation. Thus, he started to deal with floods and soon solved the problem of floods. So, he realized that if he could deal with solving floods, he could hydropower automation as well as irrigation problems thus far he decided to build a business around it. He has worked on many Indian power projects.

Simultaneously, while building his first company he started working on a second company Cruxbot. The idea of Cruxbot arises when he was dating her girlfriend, he built this to ease her work to paraphrase things and to impress thus Cruxbot come into existence later Intel corporation company acquired it.

Then, he worked with Apple company as a part of the iPhone Product Corporation team. He refers here that at this time he learned how to cast operation, how to achieve excellence in what you do.

After business school, he worked on a project for Apna and built it. He announces that Apna has been a very organic journey to him. To sort out the problems which India was facing whether it comes to poverty or many more. Apna was launched in 2019.

Today Apna deals with 29million+ job interviews on the platform as well as they have grown 70 to 80 over the last 1 year. They continue moreover 10 million conversations happening between people where they will share their work. The pre-revenue has already observed 125X growth. The platform provides around 150000 SMB’s. There is a total of 16 million users. It aims to touch over 2.3 billion people in the working-class category.

He humbly states that the thing that makes him keep going was changing the lives of millions of people as well as spreading smiles.

At present start-up aims to go into overdrive to sustainably solve the immense challenges of unemployment, poverty, and upskilling. It plans to build a global enterprise by venturing into new markets such as the US, South East, Middle East, and Africa in 2022.


Nirmit Parikh was born in Mumbai. His father was an engineer as well as her mother was a homemaker. He announced that his parents as well as his wife always pushes him to achieve his goals. His wife’s name is Krishna who is a cardiologist by profession.

Net worth

Apna company has been valued at $1.1B. The Company has received total funding of $90.0M. Some of the main investors of Apna are Lights partners, Green Capital, Insight partners many more.

Problem solver

Nirmit is a real-life example of a problem solver as well as his journey emerges the feeling that we should imply our studies to solve real-life challenges. He is a boost of inspiration for all of us that we need to contribute in solving problems as he contributes a vital role in solving the problem of unemployment.

The Inspirational Story of Nirmit Parikh makes the biggest impact on people’s life.

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