Nikunj Lotia – A Man Who Jumps From Bartender To Youtuber

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Today in this article, we will be talking about India’s most unique content creator famously known as Nikunj Lotia. So, let’s dive into the article.

Nikunj Lotia was born on 30 November 1989 in Colaba, Mumbai in a Gujarati family. Apart from Nikunj, he has an elder brother named Puneet Lotia in his family who was a professional guitarist. When Nikunj was of 2 years he was supposed to be left his hometown (Colaba) and shift to Dombivli because his father occurs heavy loss business. His father had to sell his flats and due to financial constraints, Nikunj did not spend his childhood like the rest of the children.

He was making a living from the savings of his father. Nikunj’s schooling was done in Mumbai itself. Nikunj Lotia was one of the funniest students in the class. He likes to entertain class students very much. He was inspired by the famous personality (Govinda) that’s why it was common for him to do funny things in class. Having financial problems in his family, he was not supposed to pay his school fees on time and due to this, Nikunj was made to stand outside class for 6 hours.

Mother Effort Towards Son Study

To continue Nikunj’s studies, his mother started making theplas and Nikunj’s elder brother starts selling theplas in the local market to earn some money. Nikunj gets inspired by watching Tom Cruise movie – Cocktail. He started bartending job to meet his college fees and expenses. He gets a daily wage of Rs 350 in the job and sometimes Nikunj even had to do bartending till late at night.

Nikunj was very upset due to this kind of job and after seeking all the factors he quits his bartending job. After quitting his bartending job, he started working a job at the call centre. In the call centre, he gives his best possible effort for 3 years and started receiving a decent amount of income per month.

Nikunj Lotia YouTube Journey

In 2011, Nikunj made a funny video on his mobile phone with his school friend – Karan. Nikunj used to watch YouTube a lot at that time. When he was doing his call centre job and at that time his friend suggest to Nikunj that from YouTube you can make money. He got very excited because he loved doing all these things. Nikunj started his YouTube channel by the name – “Not So Funny” and starts uploading videos on his channel but as the name suggests this YouTube channel is not funny for the audience. No one had watched his videos and due to this, he was very upset.  

He had a passion for making videos and due to following his passion, Nikunj left his call centre job. According to the friend suggestion, Nikunj started another YouTube channel – “Be YouNick”. On 26 August 2014, he uploaded his first video on his YouTube channel – “Men Will Be Men”. Later on, he gets 1500+ views on his video and after watching this Nikunj was motivated. People started liking his videos a lot because the climaxes of his videos used to be unexpected.

Rise To Fame

When Nikunj turns in the age of 25, he decided that he utilizes his time to generate content. Within 3 months, Nikunj finished all over his savings. During this time, he gave a job interview where he also got the joining letter but luck had something else to accept. On the same day, Nikunj’s 15 video was viral all over the world – “India v/s South Africa Mauka Mauka World cup 2015” and because of that video Nikunj became famous in India overnight. Due to this viral video, star sports appreciated Nikunj. He was very well motivated. Throughout this year, he made 40 videos and the number of subscribers of his YouTube channel crossed the value of 13000.

After achieving the height of success Nikunj collaborated with other famous YouTubers like – Bhuvan Bam, Ashish chanchlani, Amit Badana, etc as well as collaborated with Bollywood famous personalities like – Tiger Shroff, Varun Dhawan, Alia Bhatt, Rajkummar Rao, etc.

Today Nikunj’s popularity is so much that big international brands like – Tinder, Oppo, William Lawson’s, KIA Motors, Gillette connected with Nikunj. His Unique Video Series – The Bro Code – 2, Men Will Be Men was a super-duper hit and in January 2018 Nikunj completed his 1 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

To Sum Up

Nikunj Lotia and his family have suffered a lot since childhood, due to financial constraints, Nikunj did not get the luxurious life that he deserved. If in life you can smile at that time when you are completely broken, then believe me there is no one in the world who can break you.

The Inspiration Story of  Nikunj Lotia  Makes a good impact on Youngster life.

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