Muniba Mazari – The Iron Lady Of Pakistan

It is a story of a woman whose perfectly imperfect life made her who and what she is today. Moreover, it is the story of a Muniba Mazari who in pursuit of her dreams and aspirations made other people realize that if you think that your life is hard and thinking to start giving up on that because you think that your life is unfair. It’s a story of a woman who realized that real happiness doesn’t lie in success, money as well as fame. Real happiness lies in gratitude.

Today in this blog you’re going to interact with that woman that faces a lot of difficulties and challenges in her life, but never gives up on her dreams. Yes, you are going in the right direction. The woman name is Muniba Mazari. She is a motivational speaker, anchor artist as well as model. So, let’s see who is the most challenging and adorable woman whom we are talking about.

Early Phase of Muniba Mazari Life

Muniba was 18 years old when she got married. She belongs to a very conservative family background, a Baloch family where the daughters never say no to their parents. Muniba’s father wanted her to get married. But sadly, speaking it was never a happy marriage. After some years of marriage, Muniba faced a car accident in her life. Somehow muniba husband fell asleep, and the car fell into the ditch. Her husband managed and rescue himself to get outside of the car. But Muniba stays tuned inside the car.

Moreover, muniba sustained a lot of injuries. The radius ulna of her right arm was fractured, and the wrist was also fractured. My whole ribcage was got fractured. Due to whole ribcage injury, the muniba lungs and liver were badly injured. She couldn’t breathe. This incident happened in a far-flung area where there is no first aid, no hospital, and no ambulance. Many people came to rescue her, gave her the CTR, and start putting effort to drag her outside from the car.

Breaking Up The Connections With Dreams

The people who came to rescue muniba threw her at the back of the jeep to take her to the nearest hospital. But at that moment she was totally broken. Half of her body was got fractured and the rest of her entire body portion was gone paralyzed state. At the hospital, she resides for about 2 and a half months. Doctors have put numerous titanium on my arm and back. That is why Pakistani people called her the iron lady of Pakistan.

One day doctor came to Muniba and said to her – I heard that you want to become an artist, but you ended up being a housewife. Moreover, there is bad news for you. Muniba was shocked at that moment. The doctor said that your wrist and arm are deformed. She doesn’t react anything at that saddest moment.

What’s The Point of Living?

Furthermore, the next day morning doctor came and said to muniba that – due to the spine injury you won’t be able to walk again. She took a breath and says to the doctor that it was alright.  Although due to the fixation you have in your back, you won’t be able to give birth to a child. At that time, she started the questionnaire by herself. I cannot walk and paint the canvas, there are no issues with that, but I cannot be a mother.

Through this article, I’m sharing a message to all the women that your life is incomplete without having a child. We all try to chase the tunnel because we see the light at the end of the tunnel. In the Muniba situation, there was a tunnel, but there was no light at the end of the tunnel. She always tries to put a cute smile on her face and hide her all pains besides the smile. But Muniba realized that if she gives up at that moment or that time, her mother and brother will give up too.

After getting discharged from the hospital Muniba Mazari came to her home. Due to a lot of infections and bad damage she was unable to sit in a relaxing manner. She has to lie down on a straight bed for 2 years or started thinking that when she will go out with her family and enjoy nature.

Turning Phase of Muniba Life

After the completion of 2 years that I was able to sit in a wheelchair, that was the day when I had a rebirth. She turned toward the mirror and said to herself that, she couldn’t wait for a miracle to come and made her walk, so I have to accept herself the way I am. That day she decided that she fights against all fears. She wrote down all her fears and said to herself that she fights and overcomes these fears.

The List of All Fears

Muniba’s biggest fear was Divorce. When she came to know that the guy, that she loves the most, he is going to marry someone else, then she sent him a message and said wish you all the best. Her second fear was that she could never become a mother. Muniba thought there are so many children in the world who need a mother, so just go and adopt one. Muniba Mazari did like this same. She gave her name to different organizations for the adoption of a baby. She said that I need a kid whether it is a boy or a girl. I don’t differentiate between these. After 2 years Muniba got a call from a small city in Pakistan and that phone call deliver the baby boy in the Muniba life journey. 

Another fear is of facing society and people. Whenever she was on bed rest for 2 years, she usually closes her room door. The reason behind this is that they treat me like a patient. So, I used to hide from the people because she doesn’t see sympathy in their eyes.

Achievements Achieved By Muniba Mazari

When you accept yourself the way you are the world recognizes you. It all starts within you. Muniba became National Goodwill Ambassador For UN Women Pakistan, and she used to speak rights of women and children. Muniba was featured in BBC hundred women in 2015. She was one of the Forbes under 30 for 2016. 


You all are thriving in your careers. You have bigger dreams and aspirations in life. Always remember one thing, on the road to success there is always we, not me. Do not think that you alone can achieve things. There is always another person who is standing behind you maybe not coming to the front. He is praying for you and supporting you. Never lose that person in your life.

We all are perfectly imperfect, and this is perfectly all right. In all those imperfections you have to listen to your heart. You don’t have to look good for people. You don’t have to be perfect just because other people want you to be perfect. Life will be full of hurdles and you may face so many challenges over a specific period of time, but those trials will make you stronger and stronger. Be grateful, be alive and enjoy the best moments in your life.

The inspirational story of Muniba Mazari is a boost of inspiration and motivation for all of us.

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