Mohsin and Zuber Issa – The Billionaire Brothers

There are Blackburn’s billionner’s brother  Mohsin and Zuber Issa, the entrepreneur behind the EG Groups which was initially known as Euro Garages. Their growing Business empire has seen them win multiple awards.

Early Stage of life

Mohsin and Zuber Issa are two siblings, Mohsin was born in July 1971, and Zuber was born in 1972, in Blackburn, Lancashire in North Western England. Their parents’ names are Vali and Zubeda, basically, they were from a Gujarati Muslim family. 

They came from Bharuch, Gujarat in 1960 to the United Kingdom to start their work in Textile Industry. After this, they started running the petrol pump. Both brothers completed their schooling at Witton Park High School, United Kingdom. 

They both were brought up in a terraced home in Blackburn only. Their childhood was very simple and sweet.

Journey After School 

After completing school they started working with their father in the rage trade. Both brothers worked with their fathers for a very small phase. Zuber started a news kiosk named Euro News, which was also in blank burn only. Both brothers worked with their fathers for a very small phase.

Mohsin in 1993, founded a plastic bag company called Europlast with his brother Zuber. And in 1998, Zuber becomes a shareholder. After this, Issa took a garage on lease and saved money for future planes to buy their first PlayStation.

Later in 2001, they co-founded Euro Garage and buy their first single petrol station that was located in Bury Greater Manchester.  Mohsin was responsible for the keep going the business very well and Zubar was planning the proper strategy and investment. The company’s growth was increasing day by day. Since then their empire blossomed.

In the United Kingdom, they acquire 762 convenience stores from Kroger in Feb 2001. Again in 0ct, 2020, the majority of the stake that was in Asda was sold to the Issa brothers of Walmart & also private equity firm TDR capital.

In 2021, they purchase British fast food chain Leon via Eg groups worth £100 million which contains more than 70 restaurants in the United Kingdom.

Some Attempts That were not Fulfilled

  • In the year 2021, they tried to buy Topshop ( a fashion brand of women’s clothing) but were lost to ASOS( British online Fashion). 
  • Again in 2022, shows an interest in buying Pharmacy Chain Boots, but the owner decided to continue and be in the market.

What makes EG Group Different?

Both brothers are ambitious and have the desire to move fast. They have been among the big winners for a decade of low-interest rates, which has allowed their model of debt-fuelled growth to thrive. 

This is the reason more and more investors are willing to buy the riskers debts of companies like EG groups as they search for high returns.


The EG group have now six thousand petrol station forecourt sites across the UK, US, Europe, and Australia. The recipe for success tying food fuel and shopping into their sites linking in big new brands.

Buying Asda Britain’s third biggest supermarket that is absolute premier league stuff. Also, it is not yet a done deal, but in their home town they’re pride at what they have already achieved and how the business to grow with investments in business parks and hotels

People even in their area Blackburn are so happy that they produced a lot of jobs for them in their headquarter and they put all the business on the Map which is really not a small thing.

There are more than 50,000 colleagues that worked in their companies & deliver the brand standard for over 60 brand partners that they work with.

Motive and Streams of Work

Mohsin and Zuber Issa motive was to engage three types of customers, 

  • The motorists that are on the road 
  • Business Customers who typically work in a surrounding area and looking for a location to have breakfast or lunch.
  • Residential people.

Both brothers work in three streams

  • Fuel Retail 
  • Grocery & merchandise workstream
  • Foodservice

All type of businesses has their own traits and trends. Zuber in an interview, “if they tried to do everything their self then it would have to take a long to success, working with brands has given them a great advantage to accelerate the growth”.

Role Models

Mohsin and  Zuber Issa role model are their parents, as they brought them good things and thoughts.

In an interview, Zuber mentioned his parents when asked about their role models – 

Everyone’s Role Model should be their parents as they brought you up and taught you good things, and what to do in life & we take the goods and build on that hopefully you will be successful from there.

Mohsin also mentioned- “I think you are only good as a team and this is what we are blessed with a very very good team.

Final Words 

Neither the brothers nor TDR has any experience in running a big supermarket chain but they did it with their proper and top strategies. When it comes to business, it’s a success story that the people in Blackburn are very proud of them. Additionally, from Mohsin and Zuber Issa interview’s, we can say their respect their parents a lot and they really believe in teamwork.

The Success Story of Mohsin and Zuber Issa makes the biggest impact on people’s life.

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