Mahashay Dharampal Gulati – The King Of Spices

Who Is Dharampal Gulati?

While watching television you must have definitely seen an eye-catching old man in the advertisement for MDH masala Do you know who is this amazing personality? If no then here is the answer he is the brand ambassador as well as the owner of the company MDH. Dharampal Gulati is also known as Mahashay Dharampal Gulati he was born on 27 March 1923 in Sialkot (Pakistan) as well as died on 3 December 2020 in New Delhi (India) when he died his age was 97 years the cause of his death was cardiac arrest.

Education And Other Works

Dharampal Gulati was not good at studies nor do he like to go to school instead he liked to fly kites, do yoga, do pigeon fancying, as well as play outside the house whole day. Whenever he has to go to school, he used to cry very loudly so his father used to give him crystalized sugar candies after taking them he used to agree to go to school.

He completed his schooling till 4th class after that in 5th class one day one of his teachers named Kishorilal hit him very hard so he left the school as well as now he was free to do anything. Now his father was worried about his future so he asked him to do woodwork but he was unable to do that so his father sent him to a rice factory but he did not like to work there also so his father sent him to work in soap factory but still the same result till the age of 15 there was no work left which was not done by him. At last, his father asked him to work in their own family business and there he got set.

The Great Challenge For The Family/ Early life

The family had to face lots of challenges during the time of partition they had seen many killings of Hindus in Sialkot (Pakistan) so they thought to leave that place as well as decided to move to India it was not easy for them as they lost their house and other belongings, they were feeling helpless but then the fate came to their favor the train which they boarded came to India safely whereas the second train following them was full of dead bodies.

After coming out of Pakistan they were now stuck between the border of Pakistan – Ravi Nadi and the border of India but they did not give up as well as started to cross the river during the dark rainy night followed by lots of difficulties. Anyhow they reached the refugee camp of Amritsar and decided to stay there but in the camp, they had to sleep on the roads.

One night a truck accident passed from the leg of Mahashay Dharampal Gulati chachu and he was seriously injured and was admitted to the campus hospital. That day Dharampal Gulati decided that he will go out and will search for work.

Time of Achieving Success

Many people believe that success is a one-night story but it is not really true as we all know that “to sleep on the bed of roses you have to walk on the path of thorns”.

I am sure that you must have not heard about any of the famous personalities without any struggle story same as in the case of Mahashay Dharampal Gulati. Dharampal Gulati’s story is not a success story of one or two nights but it is an inspiring story for all of us. It is a story of great dedication as well as hard work.

In order to achieve success in his life, he did many jobs. At first, he started to drive Tanga for pick and drop service but could not earn well even he was not able to fill the tummies of his family so he left this work as well as started to sell mehndi at very cheap rates but his income coming from it was also not sufficient for his family.  So, he finally decided to restart his family business again in 1948 in Karol Bagh, and undoubtedly that business came to boom in no time because they had already built up a good reputation. Soon in 1953, he was able to open a new branch of his business, and approximately after one year in 1954 he opened Roopak stores which became India’s first modern masala stores later he gave these stores to his younger brother.

Then in 1959, he opened his own factory MDH- Mahashian Di Hatti private limited which came to heights in no time. MDH is very famous all over the world.

Being A Helping Hand

From working hard to being a helping hand he had never failed to make the nation feel proud of him. He has done many charitable works which will keep him alive forever in our hearts.  

  1. He has started Mahashay Chunni Lal charitable trust under which there is one hospital in which free treatment of slum people is done.
  2. He has also started a school for the free education of poor kids.
  3. He even donated 7500 PPE kits at the time of covid.

Award and Achievements

2016 – “Indian of the year”.

2017– “Excellence award for lifetime achievement”.

2019 – Padma Bhushan (India’s third highest honor award)

Some other…

  •  Dadabhai Naoroji Award
  • Arch of Europe Award
  • ITID quality excellence Award

Personal life and personal loss

Personal Life – He got married at the age of 1941. He had 2 sons as well as 6 daughters and a joint family to take care of.

Personal Loss – Dharampal Gulati lost his wife Lilawati in the year 1992 as well as also one of his sons named Sanjeev Gulati after two months after his wife’s death.


Mahashay Dharampal Gulati was a very inspiring as well as a hardworking man no one can remain demotivated after knowing about him. He is an inspiration for all of us. He never lost faith and never bowed down in front of his fate and achieved great heights despite facing so many hurdles. The inspirational story of Mahashay Dharampal Gulati is a boost of inspiration and motivation for all of us.

MDHMahashian Di Hatti
INDUSTRYFood, Spices
FOUNDED1919; 103 years ago, Sialkot, Pakistan
FOUNDERMahashay Chunnilal Gulati
HEAD – QUARTERSNew Delhi, India

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