Kuldhara Village – The Scariest and Second Haunted place in India

It is believed that if we work together, we can quickly solve any problem. We get to learn something similar from today’s story. In one night, people of about 600 houses of 84 villages suddenly disappeared and no one knows where they went. They have all left Kuldhara Village, which is said to be the most haunted and cursed village. 

Story Of Kuldhara Village

For the last 200 years, Kuldhara Village has been deserted, and now become the most haunted tourist place for the people. Kuldhara’s name comes second in the scariest and haunted place in India. The local people of kuldhara village states that there is a ghost in this village. At night some scary sounds come from their like child’s crying voice as well as women bangles sounds. Many people tell that whenever those people went to roam there and after that when they returned, they found the paw marks of children on the windows of their car.

Rajasthan government has made a boundary at a distance of 2 km from that village and has also made a big gate. People can go to that village during the day, but you will be notified to leave this place as soon as the sunsets. You can’t stay there after 4 pm.

Road Journey from Jaisalmer to Kuldhara Village

Jaisalmer is also known as the Golden City. Every single thing there is very beautiful. As soon as the first ray of morning falls on Jaisalmer, the whole city shines like gold. Kuldhara village is around 18 kilometers from Jaisalmer city. The road from Jaisalmer to Kuldhara is quite lonely. You will hardly see any vehicle after 5 or 6 km. 

When you reached at kuldhara destination point, as soon as you enter through the gate, you will feel something strange. Suddenly the temperature will start to drop. If you go there in summer, you will not feel the heat. People who went there, tell that sometimes they feel as if someone has put a hand on their shoulder.

What Are the Techniques Invented by Paliwal?

The people say that in 1291 this village was settled by Paliwal excursions in an area of few kilometers away from Jaisalmer. The people of the Paliwal caste were very brilliant, well-educated, and very hardworking and these people were also considered to be good scientists. These people had invented very new techniques in that time also. 

They had built their homes in a very scientific way. Cold air comes inside those houses even at the temperature of 45 degrees. The occupation of the Paliwal people was animal husbandry and farming. The Paliwals devised a method that prevented rainfall from being lost in the sand and instead collected at a specific depth. Due to this, they were also successful in growing crops in deserted areas like the Thar Desert.

From Advance Village to Desert Village

The reason for this was the Diwan of Jaisalmer, Salam Singh. Kuldhara village used to come under his administration. When he was 11 years old, his father was beheaded in front of his eyes, on a charge of treason. His father was also the Diwan of the Sonar Fort of Jaisalmer. The same incident made Salam Singh so callous and ruthless. Since then, he wanted to capture Sonar Fort and wanted to slay the entire state. He also built his own palace at a distance of Sonar Fort and he kept its height higher than Sonar Fort. But the king did not like this thing and the king broke the top 2 floors of Salam Singh’s palace.

Diwan Salam Singh Unsuccessful Mission

Salam Singh was also infamous among women. Women used to tremble just after hearing his name. Once Salam Singh was visiting Kuldhara village, suddenly his eyes fell on the priest’s daughter. He tried a lot to get that girl so that the Paliwal tour bowed before him and he could fulfill his intention. But the Paliwal tour was very advanced and rich because of that this trick of Salam Singh could not be successful.

When he had no success and his desire to have that girl had grown so strong in his thoughts, he sent a message straight to that village stating that the girl must arrive at Salam Singh’s home by the night of the following Pooranmashi or else he will assault in the kuldhara village the next day. The Paliwals were quite unhappy after receiving this message, and they didn’t know what to do next.

Village People Turns into Homeless People

Each man was giving his own suggestion. He called a panchayat in which all the people of 84 villages came. And it was decided in that panchayat that we will all leave this village together and go away. Furthermore, they said to people that only take valuable items with them.

On the way, those people gave a curse to that village that after today this village will never be able to settle down and it will never be good with those who want to try to settle down in this village. When Diwan Salam Singh reaches Kuldhara village with his army on the next day of Pooranmashi night, he sees silence all around. He scours the entire 84 villages, but he does not see a single person. Later on, he also got his soldiers excavated there because the Paliwal people were very rich.


In 2013, the people of Paranormal also went to investigate ghosts and spirits. They captured some negative energy in their device. After leaving the village that night, those people are where no one knows about them. Once whoever goes there, they never come back. Since then, this village has turned into a cursed and most haunted place.

I Hope, you’ll get fruitful and mysterious information on the most haunted place in India that is Kuldhara Village. 

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