Kiran Mazumdar Shaw – Founder of Biopharma firm Biocon

Greater will be the obstacles then greater will be the success. Yes, today’s story is all based on a self-made Indian billionaire entrepreneur woman – Kiran Mazumdar Shaw. She is the chairman of Biocon, the one lady who has no past in any kind of business but still she is the one who is opened her own company and now it is known by almost all the world.

Early Life

Kiran was the daughter of Rasendra Mazumdar and was birthed on 23rd march 1953. She completed his school at Bishop’s Cotton Girls High School in 1968 and after that, she pursued in Zoology at Mount Carmel College in 1973. Both School and college were in Banglore only. Her father was always her strength as he was a head brewmaster at the United  Breweries Limited. 

Her father always wanted her to be in fermentation science, also she wanted to move in her father’s footsteps. So, in 1974, she was the only woman who took admitted to the Brewer course at the Ballarat Institute of Advanced Education, Australia. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw was an intelligent student and toped as a graduated Brewer Master.

Starting of Her Career

After completing her studies she did training at Carlton and United Breweries in 1974 and at Barrett Burston in Australia. But after coming to India she did not get a job in her field because she was a woman & in India, everyone thinking of a woman cannot do this job.

In the mid of 1970s, Leslie Auchincloss who is the initiator of Ireland’s base Biocon Biochemical Company was in search of an entrepreneur that could help him open a company in India. Then Kiran Mazumdar Shaw was the first who was offered to open his company but her reaction was no because firstly she was a woman, second, she had no experience in the business and third, she has no money.

But Leslie has seen potential in her and wanted her to only open his company. Firstly, she was under training. This is how she established Biocon in 1978. of Leslie in Ireland. Later, completed his training she came to India and took a Garage Rent in Bangalore for 10,000. 

Hurdles in the path of Sucess

Operating this company was not an easy task as Biotechnology was a new field for her and taking loans and approval from the bank was a challenging job. Even no one was ready to join her startup company as an employee. Although convincing people to join her was not at all easy. Her first employment was as a former garage mechanic. Every step was hard for her from setting up labs to recruiting efficient workers. Even after all these troubles she finally set up her company in a 3000 square feet area. 

How did she make Biocon successful?

First, her company started to Manufacture Enzyme and then started exporting from the India to United State and Europe. Afterward, the company started making profits and become the Biopharmaceutical Company. 

In the future, the company has even invented many other techniques which lead them towards success. All other coming years were a great success for them. Furthermore, many other bigger companies started investing in her company Biocon. Although Biocon was the first biochemical company to get funding for the US.

In, she opened one more company under Biocon that is named as Syngene.

Personal Life

Kiran, India’s biotech queen, met John Shaw who is the firm’s managing director, and chairman, at Madura Courts’ headquarters. After seven years of dating, John and Kiran Mazumdar Shaw decided to marry, and the wedding coincided giving them the opportunity for Kiran’s firm to become totally independent and purchase back its shares from Unilever. When John provided his complete support to Kiran, she, unfortunately, lacked funds.

John is currently the vice president of Biocon and supports Kiran in any way he can. He also assists in the consolidation of minor Biocon enterprises into larger biotech conglomerates.


Kiran got so many awards given below:-

  • Padma Shri (1989), Padma Bhushan (2005).
  • The award of EY World Entrepreneur of the Year in 2020 is really a proud moment for his father. 
  • Order of Australia recipient (2020).
  • Winner of the AWSM Award for Excellence (2017).
  • Got no other than Othmer Gold Medal Recipient (2014).
  • She also got a Global Economy Prize for Business Education (2014).

Kiran always wanted to be a doctor but she don’t get admission to medical college. So, from this point also our coming generation can understand that if you got to fail at one thing don’t get stressed there are many other options open for you. Like Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, many other people can get a lesson and start doing something in their life.

The Success Story of Kiran Mazumdar Shaw makes the biggest impact on people’s life.

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