Khairatabad Science College – Where Ghost Study Science

Story of Khairatabad Science College

The person whose last rites are not completed, till then his soul does not get peace by the complete law. One such haunted story of Khairatabad Science College in which not one but many dead bodies souls wandering at there.

Hyderabad is a very beautiful city and there are as many haunted places as there is beauty. There are many such areas where ghosts and spirits exist, and you must have seen so many such locations where no humans travel since the ghostly souls residing there may murder anyone.

Today, we’re going to tell you about a haunting area in India that has been devastated for years. A broken building near the flyover which many people call Science College and many people also call it Khairatabad Science College. Many years ago, there was a science college and at here different tests that should be conducted on dead bodies at the college lab.

Scary Fact of Ghost and Guard

One day suddenly a piece of college building broke down and due to this mishappening, college was closed. Now a college got closed overnight and the dead bodies lying inside were left in biology labs. Guards were attaining to stop the unusual entries in the college.

At the same time, the government was afraid that it should not become a spot of thieves and drug addicts or it should not become a crime location due to being empty.

2 guards were deployed there to protect this college and 1 of the guard went to this college to inspect the ghost but sadly that guard never returns back. The 2nd guard complained to the police after happening of this incident and the police starts the investigation.

As soon as the police went to the college, the guard was found dead and his condition was as if he had seen something scary because the eyes of the guard were opened. The secret of what that guard saw in college left the world with him. Police find many dead bodies in this college.

Unsolved Mystery of Entered Guard

The other guard told the police that since they both had joined duty, strange sounds were coming from the college. One day the baby screaming sounds were comes from inside the college like someone is killing that girl. To protect that girl, the guard was gone inside the college. And then it spread like an unclear mystery that whoever goes inside in this college that person never comes back.

People passing by this college have seen the skeleton walking in this college and many people have heard the sounds of shouting. Many people believe that when the college was fastened, all the dead bodies lying in the lab could not dispose of.

Hyderabad is as beautiful as it is mysterious because of some places like Ramoji Film City, Rs 1,50,000 (One Lakh Fifty Thousand) house, Kundan Bagh, etc.


Regardless of if there are ghosts in the college, neither humans nor science has been able to prove it. Today in this college, science is taught to college. Khairatabad Science College is one of those places where our capacity to think and recognize officially ends.

I Hope, you’ll get fruitful and mysterious information on the most haunted place of Hyderabad which is Khairatabad Science College. 

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