Journey From Intern To CEO – Aditya Arora

Aditya Arora is an Angel Investor, and CEO at Faad Network & he talks about startups and India. Also, he is a content creator, furthermore making Instagram reels. Moreover, he wants to see more and more entrepreneurs in India for that he is working to educate people about entrepreneurship by organizing different events and also through social media.

He has been recognized as a successful Young entrepreneur on International and National platforms. He runs campaigns like  “Education Yatra”, “Entrepreneurship Mindset Curriculum (Govt of Delhi)”, and “Atal Innovation Mission – NITI AAYOG”.

Early Stage of Aditya’s Life

Aditya Arora was a very soft-spoken and simple boy in his life, carrying a personality that he doesn’t express himself loudly in his childhood, but not anymore. He belongs to a middle-class family. Aditya was born in Delhi only, and also completed his school in Delhi. He completed his school at APJ School, Pitampura, New Delhi.  Moreover, he was a very active student in his school life as he participated in all the activities that are conducted in his school like sports, acting, dancing, etc. 

His parents are educated and always focused on his academics. He is the son of government officials and her mother is a teacher. Mr.Arora always had a dream to study at Delhi University, and he got admission to it. He was admitted to Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies, Delhi University, and studied finance and investment analysis. He never thought of being an entrepreneur when he was studying. Also, he just loves to play with numbers and is very good at calculations &  did a course on Abacus which become very helpful for him. 

Passion Towards Business

From start, he always wanted to do business. When he was in school, he was a part of sales in the company. From there he got an idea about outlining how to build a company and grow it. He was very passionate about his goals and this passion made him CEO at a very age.

How Did He Start Working At Faad?

When he was in his second year of college, he applied to three to four companies for giving interviews which came to college for hiring, but the only company that picked him for the interview was the company, Faad. When he went to give an interview, where he met so many of his and other people who were there for the same interview, he got nervous.

But when he went for the interview, the interview goes for one and a half hours & was very doubtful about whether he would get selected or not in Faad. As this interview was not very good. But he was very impressed with the company’s name and really wanted to work in it. 

He got an offer letter from the company after one week. Then he asked the persons who have taken his interview why did they select him as he didn’t answer many of the questions. They answer (the interviewer) that he ( Aditya) didn’t have much knowledge but he had a keen desire to learn something. This is what made him successful in his life.

Journey of Intern To CEO 

Aditya worked as an intern for 2 years in his second and third years of college. And for 2 months, the only thing he did in the company is to find out the answers which he wasn’t able to give in his interview and read reports, case studies, and old files.

Afterward, he interviewed so many entrepreneurs for writing their stories and cover the inspiring stories of other entrepreneurs which were seen on different social media platforms and business magazines. He was very much inspired by their stories and decided to figure out more about entrepreneurship. This is how he chooses to be an entrepreneur. He almost writes about 128 stories in about a year.

Also, he did many events for ‘Faad’, and in five destinations in India, he hosted almost 60 interviews. Day by day becomes he becomes more confident and so did his partners. After completing his graduation, at the very young age of 21, he was offered the role of CEO at Faad Network.

How Did He Feel When He Got The Letter of Being CEO of The Company?

Aditya Arora was shocked when he got the letter but more than shock he was concerned that their company had shown confidence in him and given him the role of CEO in the company. At that time he thinks now, he have to be more responsible and till now he was learning but now it’s high time, to use all those skills he learned in his work and give 100% to his company and till now this is what he is doing.

But the one he learns at that point in time is that when one struggle ends up and then a bigger struggle starts after that just like a Mario Game.

His Mentors

  • Mr. Harender Chopra – He is Ex. Navy Commodore & managed about INR 5000 Cr. of funds.
  • Mr. Bharat Sheth – He is an Angel Investor

How Did He Build The Social Campaign ‘Education Yatra’?

When he was in college and working as an intern in a Faad, many times he was surrounded by a lot of negative energies. So, he decided to teach children in his nearby area of college who were not able to study. But he doesn’t know at that point in time how to start it. So he worked with so many NGOs after that he opened his own social campaign  ‘Education Yatra’. 

There were two principles to open it:-

  1.  To enroll the children in the Schools.
  2.  That education never comes from reading books only but comes by applying it in our life. 

Aditya educated more than 5000 students in his life. Also got many awards for this like from Microsoft, Parliament, and many more. He felt so good while teaching them at that time and he was full of energy when he went home.


When he was doing an internship and working on the Education Yatra, his parents doesn’t support him as his parents want him to give interviews for placements through a college or anywhere. So to manage expenses, he performed at open mic events as a standup comedian. 

What Lessons Did He Learn While Working in Faad?

  • Age is Just a Number,  we can’t say that I m only XYZ years old and I should not know this thing as I am small, etc, No, Your age doesn’t define how much you can learn.
  • Time management is very important in life. If you don’t know how to manage your time you can’t do anything in your life.
  • We should trust ourselves first if we can’t trust ourselves then no one can trust us.


  • Aditya got Indian Parliamentary Meritorious Award in 2015.
  • Awarded as Young Entrepreneur in 2017.
  • For Education Yatra, he got Microsoft’s Top 15 change makers Under 20.
  • Rex Karam Veer Chakra Award.
  • UN Award.
  • He is one of the youngest Padma Shri Nominees.
  • He also got the Duke of Edinburgh International Award and the Indian Achiever Award 2020.
  • Additionally, he is an angel investor in more than 20+ startups.
  • He has delivered 300+ guest lectures globally.

Aditya Arora journey is really so inspiring for our upcoming generation. They must see him and follow their passion without getting stopped and just work on themselves. When people are busy just taking classes in college, he becomes the CEO of the company, that tells age number is just an excuse for not doing anything.

The inspirational story of Aditya Arora is a boost of inspiration and motivation for all of us.

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