Jay Vijayan – The Man Who Brings Revolution To Tesla’s

Let’s Know About Jay Vijayan

Jay Vijayan is the former CIO of Tesla Motors at Techfest, the founder of Tekion Corp. He is an ultimate multitasker as being an entrepreneur, investor, inventor, and business leader.  Jay Vijayan is a fortunate hardworking man working in Silicon Valley. Jay states that Tesla has been the highlight of his courier. He had a marvelous, super excited journey. Moreover, he is an Indian- American business executive.  

Qualification Background

The young boy having a tremendous interest in science chose to do his bachelor of science and master’s in science in geology as well as succeed in his aim. He had completed his graduation from the university of madras. He too pursued AVM matriculation.

Steps towards Career

He began his career at Oracle Corporation by directing a product development team in charge of creating and managing ERP solutions. Jay also served as a director in the American software development industry from 2007 until 2012. Vijayan had to handle the technical aspects of VM ware as well as manage the CRM software. 

While he was working with VMware he gets an offer from Tesla, Inc. But Jay Vijayan declined the call, despite the fact that he had a huge influence on the organization and was impressed by the vision he denied. He was happy with the job but was not offered the amount.

One year later when Tesla launched its first prototype, he was very happy and thought why he don’t join Tesla. Simultaneously he received a call from a company asking again to join Tesla this time he thought again they might not pay him the amount of the salary but this time it was something different and he agreed to serve Tesla.

Jay Vijayan Chief Information Officer Journey

Moreover, he joined Tesla, Inc as a Chief Information Officer, he hired a global team, which built and scaled Tesla’s digital and information platform from the ground up, enabling and fuelling the company’s hyper-growth phase.

He left Tesla in 2016 in order to lead his entrepreneurial journey. He started Tekion Conglomerate, a software-as-a-service firm that was in passive mode until late 2019. Tekion is a web solution provider that focuses on business apps. At the moment, the company is concentrating on the vehicle marketplace. Tekio Corps Company raised $150 million in a series Ca fundraising round by private equity firm advent international in 2020. 

Tesla had nearly no revenue then it reached an annual revenue rate of over $5 Billion with a market capitalization of over $35 Billion. Moreover, Jay Vijayan is also a board member of Hyrecar, a peer-to-peer car-sharing platform, and Nic Inc., a digital government benefit supplier for state and federal governments in the US.

Vijayan is experienced in building simple and highly scalable technology platforms and solutions that help, transform, scale businesses as well as the highest level of operational efficiencies. He serves as an Angel/seed investor, limited partner, Advisor, and board member of multiple start-ups as well as well-known brands.


Jay was born in a Tamil family in Chennai, India to K. Vijayan and V. Umadevi. His father K. Vijayan is a local politician in the Indian National Congress party in Tamil Nadu. He lives in San Francisco with his wife and with two children.

Awards and Appreciations

Jay was honored with the Tamil American Pioneer- lifetime achievement award for excellence in Engineering/science by the federation of Tamil Sangam of North America. He also received Executive Advisory Council, CIO advisory council as well as TIE charter member. He has always appreciated by his colleagues and others. Jay always gives the right direction and guidance to his team.

The Success Story of Mr. Jay Vijayan makes the biggest impact on people’s life.

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