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Inspiring Myth of A Transgender – Dr. VS Priya

 Dr. VS Priya Biography

Dr. VS Priya, the first transgender doctor in Kerala. Born as a boy named Jinu Shashidhar. Priya pointed to the girl from her childhood. But She was too ashamed to show it. 

Priya realized that it would be very difficult for her to live like a boy. She began researching how to deal with this problem. At first, Priya planned to get a better education. Ignoring all negative comments, she completed BAMS from VaidyaRatnam Ayurveda College

Dr. VS Priya Struggling Tour

Later on, she took MD in Mangalore. While serving in Pitomba, Kannur, and Tripunithura, Priya prepared for change. Priya remembers that it was during school hours she grew up with her. She has a habit of writing diaries at a young age and writes all problems in it. 

Jinu Shashidhar, a native of Anethol in Trissur, has been in the ownership dispute for years. During her school days, Jinu was always ashamed that he could not hide his girl’s face. Jinu learned a valuable lesson from this. Seeing that her femininity will not be accepted by the public. 

Personality and Transformation of Dr. VS Priya

Willingness not to throw amid ridicule. So Jinu grew up to be a boy. Priya made sure to be gentle by sitting, walking, looking, and talking. She took the place of a man with a lot of work and changed her personality. Managing the male ego was a great frustration for her. But during college and beyond, that hold of Priya remained isolated from society. 

People treated Priya like a boy. Realizing the importance of education, Jinu decided to get a job and become self-employed. Transgender people are equally minded people who should be given equal recognition and rights as men and women. Priya currently works as an Ayurvedic doctor at Sitaram Hospital.  

The Inspiring story of Dr. VS Priya is making the biggest impact on people’s life.

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