Inspiration For All Quitters- Manoj Kumar Sharma (IPS)

Manoj Sharma, a story from bottom to top, is currently in the glare of public attention. IPS Manoj Kumar Sharma has contributed his services toward the nation since 2005. Working as DIG (Deputy Inspector General) in CISF and then ACP in Mumbai police. Story of an ordinary boy born on July 3, 1975, in a rural area of Morena district in the state of Madhya Pradesh.

Born to a farmer father in a rural area where the family was not very wealthy. But today the story of his hardship won the heart of every youth in the movie 12th fail. The story of IPS Manoj Kumar Sharma is also exceptional as per many factors. Well documented and narrated by Anurag Pathak in his book of the same title, and finally a live screen adaptation.

Love Life

A book-worthy story that every student can relate to and get inspired. While not losing hope with failures and passing out on the fourth attempt. He also finds his love of life during the process. While himself being an IPS, his wife Shraddha Joshi is an IRS. Shraddha Joshi, a topper of Uttrakhand loved the zealousness of a 12th failure. 

Manoj Sharma and Shraddha Joshi are both working toward the development and benefit of the nation as a power couple. Manoj Sharma also mentions the role of his partner as best friend and batchmate to help each other clear UPSC

Also quoted by writer Anurag Pathak “The age comes the same for your career and love life. But the choice is up to you how that energy is used”. Either to achieve your goals and take to new heights or let your anchor hold you back.

What’s so special in IPS Manoj Sharma?

After having maybe more than a fair share of hardship. Till today his nature and humour are very appreciable with such a high responsibility ranking job. His attitude toward life, morals, and traits do stand out.

Traits of Manoj Sharma

  • Honesty- Driven by the whole and sole motivation of honesty. Happily left his only place of survival when his honesty was doubted. It was the only place of work for a student to bear bread at that time. Manoj Sharma during one of his speeches also said “It’s not hard to be an IAS or IRS but it’s hard to be a man of morals.
  • Gratitude – After receiving his first salary his gratitude was visiting his teacher first. Offer part of his first salary to his Guru to receive his blessings.
  • Will – Every student can relate to leaving home. Living away in small rented rooms. In highly populated areas students with a coaching centre at each corner. Every head aims to achieve the goals of civil service. But his will to continue after taking many hits of failure is remarkable. He kept trying toward his goal on such an unpredictable path.
  • Self-work – Practice in solitude, making mistakes as in the past, and restart with learning and improving mistakes. While working in the library he gets inspired by the guest speakers. At night he improvises in preparation for the same, hoping for a bright future.
  • Attitude:- Still after being IPS Manoj Kumar Sharma‘s speech encourages thousands of candidates. He is motivated to learn from their journey, not just to pass exams. Always believe in the quote “The path taken strengthens us more than the destination reached.”
  • Risk Taker:- With every failure his family and friends also lose a little hope. He wants to go back to the ordinary of a farming family. To be a bread bearer by practising their old farming traditions. Here the risk-taking ability let him advance towards his path to success. 

Inspiration For All

While every success story can be a teaching and aspiring IPS Manoj Sharma is a special case inspiring the upcoming generation on the same path and also many more. An 8th-pass student who went against their norms to pass the rest of education till 12th following a cheating system to as per their traditional norm to pass out without studying. 

This first step toward the path of honesty and motivation kept him motivated, the support system of like-minded people provided a strong support system in his journey. A rural area-born individual with only interest in Hindi in his earlier studies, belonging to an area where English was an alien language.

Still able to make it with the help of some generous friends, teachers, and many more. Manoj Sharma was a 12th fail but able to win the heart of a such good teacher due to his love toward the goal in such a way that they went beyond a teacher-pupil relation to rather a parent and children.

His enthusiasm, even able to win the heart of a highly educated topper while himself being a failure, shows us that nothing is possible if the will is there. As of today, IPS Manoj Kumar Sharma has seen in many of his speeches motivating students to not only aim for passing out. 

But rather strengthen their character during the process, providing examples of many of his lifelong friends who didn’t make it to such civil services but rather learned during the process and achieved peak and success in their different fields.

Relevance in the Modern World

In this modern world full of distractions where we can’t live with tunnel vision but rather get distracted every time with our smartphones. Today these gadgets are the essence of life at every point from getting food to booking a cab but it’s up to us to use them as resources or distractions.

In his story have to isolate himself with every failure and use that fuel of rejection to restart every time not from the bottom but from the experience of mistakes to the path of improvement. Resulting in less distraction and more motivation each time.

In this era where failure or rejection are painful as with an acute heart attack, keeping the morale and motivation high is key.

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