How Mentoring Helped Me To Succeed – Phanindra Sama

Early Life

Phanindra Sama was a brilliant student from the start. He was credited to Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, where he studied Electrical and Electronics engineering and graduated with a CGPA of 9+. He also got proficient in photography as a result of his participation in a photographic club at college, and he rose to the position of Head of DOPy in his fourth year.

Following that, he enrolled at the Indian Institute of Science and became adept in computer networks. He was associated with the Swedish Institute to learn governing as well as business techniques. Then he went to Stanford University and majored in Economics and Social Psychology. He was awarded a Chartered Financial Services Fellowship at King’s College London.


Phanindra Sama used to travel by bus a lot in 2005-06. Redbus was formed as a result, bridging the gap between the bus and the passengers. Phanindra Sama believes himself to be an unintentional entrepreneur.

Phanindra worked at Texas Instruments in Bangalore, and my parents were from Hyderabad, so Sama would take buses back to Hyderabad. Except for the value of 2005, whenever he went to the travel agency, he could always obtain me a seat. When he went to the travel agency, even though the travel agent made a few phone calls to the bus operators, but unfortunately, he was unable to organize a seat.

Sama believes that if a guy is a bus agent, he should be able to inform me whether or not there is a bus traveling from Bangalore to Hyderabad in the evening and why he is telling me to go to another travel agency. So Sama went to many travel agencies but ended up not acquiring a seat. 

Phanindra said that as an engineer, the solution seemed apparent to me. Why can’t it be a computer system in which all bus operators just state how many buses they operate and what the current inventory is? Sama discussed with their batch mates the possibility of developing such a system and providing it for free to bus operators, because open – source was popular at the time. 

Success Story of Redbus 

He gets down to his career as a Design Engineer at ST Microelectronics, and two years later, he transports to Texas Instruments as a Senior Design Engineer. 

He saw the need for an online bus ticket booking tool while working at Texas Instruments after missing a bus one day. Soon after, he began carrying out his objectives, founding India’s most popular and extensive online bus ticket-buying platform RedBus and working as the Chief Executing Officer of his firm (CEO). 

Following that, Phanindra Sama left the firm when ibibo Group purchased RedBus. He is now an employee of the Telangana government as Chief Innovation Officer. He is currently an angel investor, and he invests in tiny firms in which he believes. 


Phanindra Sama has given several performances. He was able to establish India’s largest bus ticket purchasing platform. Sama also made steps to ensure the success of RedBus. Finally, he was able to depart his own business by selling the controlling interest to the Ibibio group. He is now a successful angel investor and serves as the Chief Innovation Officer for the state of Telangana. 


Phanindra Sama said that – During the whole journey of entrepreneurship, I think has teamed as well there are so many things you go through that you change. So, one of the things the way I changed look at only the glass half-full. So today I have the freedom to look at the world from different perspectives.

The Inspiration Story of Phanindra Sama Makes a good impact on Youngster life.

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