Gyanganj Himalayas – A Mysterious Land Of Immortals

People believe that beyond all sorrows and wishes, there exists a place far away from human habitat called Siddhashram, popularly known as Gyanganj. People refer to this place as Gyanganj Himalayas – A mysterious land of immortals. 

According to tradition, it is located “somewhere” deep inside the Himalayas where sadhus and sages live with apsaras and devas. people believe that the place exerts a very strong influence over mankind in several secret and puzzling ways.

It is obvious that nobody knows the exact location of this place but it is known that Siddhashram is located in the Tibetan region, near Kailash Parvat. There are around four places which are considered as entrances to Gyanganj. These are Mount Kailash, the Valley of Moon, Shwetalok Lake and a mountain near Gangotri.

Gyanganj according to the legends

Many ancient scriptures along with our four Vedas have mentioned the concept of this supernatural land. It is believed that Gyanganj is a holy place for spiritual journeys. One only can reach Gyanganj if they have a special karmic connection with this place.

One can not reach here just by walking. To reach this place, one must walk down the path of spirituality and attain it at a very high level. After attaining spirituality when a person tries to reach there, the place automatically finds people.

The person who wishes to be a part of this spiritual journey first has to go to Kailash and perform sadhana for 21 days. If the person has performed sadhana with full dedication then the sages come on the 22nd day and ask the person to walk with them on this holy journey. Later, one has to drink the milk of a goat to start his journey. 

Structure and Description of Gyanganj 

According to legends and some ancient textbooks, Gyanganj looks like a lotus with eight petals. There is also one tree in the centre which they refer to as the tree of life that brings together heaven, earth and the underworld. People believe that Gyanganj influences the fate of human land for its betterment.

This place has one centre and 16 areas. Each area has its science or vidya. Out of which Sun Science is the most popular one. believers say that Gyanganj hides itself automatically from humans when they attempt to discover it. 

In recent writings, the knowledge of Siddhashram was first mentioned by Pandit Gopinath Kaviraj.

Gyanganj in ancient Indian literature 

Gyanganj also known as Shangri-La or Siddhashram is a  mysterious place located in a remote valley in the Himalayas. they say that reaching there is only possible if you are destined to be there. 

According to Buddhism King Suchandra wrote down all the teachings of Lord Buddha and took them back to his kingdom- Shambhala.

and according to Hinduism, it is described as Siddhashram in Ramayana and Mahabharata. There are a few things which people believe about this place are –

  • People who finally reach Gyanganj don’t die
  • Not everyone can have access to this place
  • The philosophy of this place is different, way different from normal life
  • People don’t experience time there
  • The important principle of this place is love and compassion.
  • Gyanganj balances all the cosmic energies.
  • there, they detach themselves from every materialistic passion of life.

Attempts to reach Gyanganj

The mystery of this place has forced many people to find the truth about this place. Hence there have been several attempts to locate this place. and the Chinese government could not restrain itself from conducting a satellite scan to find solid proof but still failed and could not find any clue. They wanted to find the ways and technology which yogis might be using to reach this suspect place.

The fact that not just the Chinese government but also American President Franklin Roosevelt was shocked when he got to know about this place. He asked the central investigation navy to reach there and become the first country to crack this mysterious puzzle. But of course, like many others, America also failed in this mission.

Even today, nobody knows the reality. Hence, real or myth the mystery remains unsolved.

Amazing facts about Gyanganj  

  1. Only fully accomplished yogis or people who have completed their sadhana with discipline and patience can discover this place—the directions to find this place are beyond one’s grasp. The only direction to reach is spirituality. 
  2. The legends say that this place has its own strange and independent substructure, hence it has its point of view. everybody does not understand the philosophy and explanation of this place.
  3. Another fact that will shock and amaze you at the same time is that there is no death in Gyanganj. Yes! You read it right. The senses are always alive there. 
  4. Gyanganj is located in a completely different dimension because it is in the fourth dimension so if one travels to this place it means one reaches a time when the Himalayas didn’t even exist.
Wind up

James Hilton wrote a book on Gyanganj named “Lost Horizon, about the lost kingdom of Shangri – la “. And, Hindu scriptures like Mahabharat and Valmiki Ramayan have some references to this bizarre place. This place is a lighthouse of spiritual energy and hope.

Whether this place exists or not, the legends of Gyangangj Himalayas continue to keep us curious and wondering. Well, I don’t know if I believe in this concept of Gyanganj or not but I surely find these legends electrifying.

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