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Are you searching for a perfect present, let’s have a glance at GeekMonkey

Geekmonkey is an online platform that facilitates you with a variety of gifts for making the occasion more special. In the hard times of this pandemic, this platform has become a successful E-commerce platform

About GeekMonkey

Geek Monkey is an online shopping site that provides you with great items launched by two women Guddi Thapliyal as well as Isha Gupta. These two ladies with their strong determination as well as a strong belief in God’s will lead them to a charismatic destination. Guddi Thapliyal was a homemaker earlier from Dehradun Chamoli as well Nisha Gupta was helping hand to his husband in their business. 


Harshit Gupta son of Nisha Gupta worked as a Marketing Manager. They founded Geek Monkey with a seed investment of 50000 Rs. In their 50’s. They were suggested by Anil son of Guddi to went online instead of the physical shop. Guddi completed the fifth grade and was married at the age of 16, but nisha is a graduate who also has experience selling presents. 

Establishing the Business

Anil worked in the IT sector, with help of knowledge earned from here he developed this site whereas Guddi and Nisha worked in listing products and finding something unique. They wanted to serve something unique rather than others. It took around 1 month to manage everything as well as to arrange vendors, research. They faced financial problems thus they packed their gifts themselves. As opening are not easy same was with them, they faced numerous hardships, there was a time that their warehouse was completely hustled with items as the sale was not at the peak at that time 

They started up with four to five orders a day but they recently had a great boost with 100% growth. At present, they deal with 1300 products across our country. They deal with unique products like a custom-made Bobblehead doll,3d lamps many more. Nisha as well as Guddi described in a beautiful that strong determination, as well as willpower, can make you achieve your goals, as well as had a great hand in being successful. 

Great Boost 

The company was constantly growing as well as adaptable to changes this was possible as they offer idiosyncratic items to their customers. The delivery time is 48 hours in metro cities and the site offers a guest check opportunity where they are even not needed to log in their details. 

Net worth of GeekMonkey 

The company cracked the turn of Rs. 2 crores in 3 years. This was all the result of team-up they did, smartness, laborious working. These two moms proved that there is no limit to achieving their dreams.

The Success Story of GeekMonkey making the biggest impact on people’s life.

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