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Gaurav Tiwari – A Strange Death Of Ghost Buster

Gaurav Tiwari was renowned as a paranormal investigator; a man who was the representative of India was appearing in television shows and social media platforms. Although he was spent haunted nights in television shows with famous celebrities relish Sunny Leone and Ranvijey Singh. A man who was well known for finding out a fearless mystery. Solving the thrillers of ghosts, his death became a big mystery.

He was notable for ghostbuster, hence killed by a ghost or found in a dead position on his bathroom floor. However, his dearly loved ones did not notice that there was a black mark on his body, representing and family members immediately rush to the hospital. The professional doctors were put him on a ventilator because he was not taking his breath properly.

Viral News Of Ghost Buster Gaurav Tiwari

According to many news reporters, the investigator Gaurav Tiwari had some arguments with his family members, and his father said that he became furious after fights and left their place. Police said that he was committed suicide. His family was also claiming that he had killed him selves due to some unknown reasons. Also, the videos on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube got viral.

Gaurav Tiwari Bhangarh Journey

He had visited the Bhangarh Fort in 2011, district of Rajasthan; The Bhangarh Fort is a haunting place in order to prove, the fort was not haunted, and there was no ghost. He thought that taking more knowledge is key to kill all fears.

Gaurab Tiwari Bhangarh Fort Image

The 31st years old man used to talk with ghosts every day, although Gaurav Tiwari’s wife was always worried about his suspicious thoughts. Moreover, to become a paranormal, he used to taking training to be an expert on the paranormal; due to this desire, he had left his old job in the private sector.

Gaurav Tiwari Death Cause

Gaurav Tiwari was found dead of asphyxiation on his Delhi’s Dwarka home on 8 July 2016. But following an autopsy, Delhi police determined that he was committed suicide by hanging himself inside his bathroom, and that is the part that no one involves in that, but fans to agree with this; they thought that he was prompting speculation in various media by fans and paranormal enthusiasts that his death was caused by vengeful spirits.

Gaurav Tiwari lived his life-solving puzzle of the unknown.  He was found dead under mysterious circumstances. According to the Indian Paranormal Society website, Gaurav was a pilot by training, and he had visited over 6000 hunted locations all over the world and investigated hunting also visited UFO abductions and mysterious creatures.

Gaurav Tiwari Death

His wife did not consider his death by ghost incident; she did not even like the ghost busting profession; she wanted her husband to wear a tie and suit and carry a leather case to a corporate office. The family says they can’t believe he could have killed himself, but only his father persists with the theory of numerous spirit sightings at home. At the Dwarka police station, there is no panic about ghost and paranormal behavior; the cops seem convinced it is a case of suicide, but it’s not; he was a good paranormal expert, his colleagues said that he was always stuck with his word and no matter what happened, he was quite the job on corporate sector and joined the paranormal.

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