From Fad Diet To Ayurveda – Ridhima Arora

Ridhima Arora, the creator of Namhya Foods which is an Ayurveda-based brand. She is an Indian entrepreneur, author, yoga instructor, and practicing nutritionist. 

Today you will know about Ridhima Arora through this article and how she builds the ayurvedic brand worth 20 crores in just 1 year. So, let’s go through with the article. 

Until something happened in 2018, her father diagnoses with a liver problem and has told her that he has no more than 6 months to save his life. Ridhima had never seen anything like this before, so she began to consider her options, and for the first time, it appeared that there is no sensation of grief when there is genuine sadness. She recalls waking up in the hospital and watching people die in front of her eyes. 

Ridhima began researching Ayurveda herbs, and her father entirely altered his lifestyle and began using ayurvedic herbs in his daily routine, and Ridhima’s father gradually healed via the use of ayurvedic herbs. She realizes for the first time that Ayurveda may be working its magic in our lives. 

Conflicting Journey

Something happened in Ridhima Ife’s life in 2019 that transformed her entire outlook on life. She experienced the loss of two extremely close family members, one after the other. This was most likely one of Ridhima’s lowest moments. 

She awoke one morning and told herself that whatever was destined to happen had occurred. She states that whatever life she is given in her lifetime, she will make the most of it and use it to make it meaningful.

Step Ahead with Business Idea 

Ridhima wanted to build a brand that allowed people to remain healthy every day, so they didn’t wind up in the hospital and didn’t have to deal with any of the problems they had seen in the past.

As a result, she began creating ayurvedic compositions that you might use in your daily life to avoid problems such as high blood pressure, thyroid dysfunction, and high cholesterol. She got all their composition approved. It was also vital to know what was true and what was fake. 

Business Rejection

In January 2020, she launched her ayurvedic products. Ridhima started going to the retailers and started giving them samples and many retailers refused and started saying that every small brand comes and fails, then why should we keep your brand. 

One day, a distributor called and asked if we could meet, and she said absolutely. She goes to meet the distributor and 6 guys were sitting inside, expecting what this girl tells us. She began working with no margins, spent a lot of money, and was unable to recoup it all. 

After 2 months, she recognized that this was a typically male-dominated market, so they devised an online answer. 10 platforms used to reject and out of that one comes. 

Business Growth

Namhya Food Pvt LTD is an Ayurveda-based health food company that specializes in ayurvedic, Indian superfood, preservative-free, and vegan food items. Google has given it 4.5 stars. “We design unusual mixes of Ayurvedic meals Superfoods that integrates nicely with your modern-day existence,” says the brand’s motto. 

During the worldwide pandemic COVID-19, Namhya Food Pvt LTD’s goods received a boost. There was an increase in the desire for foods and beverages that improve our immunity without causing damage. During a pandemic, the firm generated Rs 1 crore in revenue. This firm has a greater valuation since it operates profitably. 

Namhya Food Pvt LTD is now developing at a rapid pace. It has received praise from every region of India as well as from throughout the world. These items have been successfully utilized in countries such as the US, Canada, etc.

Achievement & Awards

She has been featured on several prestigious venues, including Josh talks, TEDx, Better India, Your Story, Business World, Inc 42, Global Change Maker 2021, and Google Digital Award winner. Ridhima has spoken about her journey in many venues and platforms. She has also been nominated for the UN Women of Global Impact 2020 award. Ridhima is also a part of the Global Change Maker 2021 group. 

The Inspiration Story of Ridhima Arora Makes a good impact on Youngster life.

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