From Bootstrap to IPO – Rajdip Gupta

Rajdip Gupta is the group CEO at Route Mobile Limited and bootstrap to IPO. He is from a middle-class family. Moreover, he started the company with just $2000 and created a $ million company.

“Everything you created your own will get much better and larger if you work on that properly”- Mr. Gupta

Let’s read in this article about the real story behind the Rajdip Gupta company Route Mobile Limited.

Early Stage of Rajdip

Rajdip was carried and grew up in Mumbai. Also completed his school in Mumbai only. Did his school from Poddar High School. And pursued his college from National College, Mumbai in Physics and Computer science. In his family, there are his parents and his brother. His family is typically an Indian strict middle-class family where his parents invested in him and his brother a lot of time and education. 

The parents of Rajdip are the first entrepreneur from whom he inspired and followed till now. He told in an interview that in his time there were no internships, so with Aptech, he also joined a Computer course. There he comes to understand that programming language will become the most important skill in the future and Prgamining language is something that has the power to create something new.

Aptech Journey

Rajdip always participated in all the curriculum. He initiated his career as an instructor and got a salary of Rs.1800. He was so happy when he got his first salary.  While in Aptech, he started building a lot of project Solutions. He with his team build an Inventory Management System.

During that time he learned the value of software very well.  Started his job as an instructor because he wanted to increase his skill in programming. Moreover, at Aptech’s cost, he was learning a new language.

Route Mobiles Journey

Rajdip was working in his dream company in the UK with a great package. He was an important person in the mobile telecom system. Then he felt that working in a big organization is a great thing but somewhere he is not using his capabilities to the top. Even so, it was not easy to leave the job as he was from a middle-class family.

One day he had a heated argument with one of his seniors on the topic of technology in the company. Then one of his mentors in the company suggested to him that “being a developer in a company, the seniors will never take him seriously”. And told him that” if he really has a good understanding of technology he should build something of his own”.

Afterward, he came back to India from UK and just take the decision to go forward & open his own company. Also, he knew at the same time, if he fails in his own company he always have the option to come back. He was consistently praised by the company bosses, so he looking forward to his company as he has the backup play to rejoin the company. So, he just came back to the place where he was brought up.

Afterward, plan to do that business that gives profit and revenue.  

Second-Hand Computer

When he was a developer, on a zoom call he worked with a big fashion designer but he didn’t pay him for his work. But he gave him in exchange for money, the second computer of an intel 486 processor, storage of 4 MB RAM, and 16 GB of hard disk. The computer was Rs.6500. He was having the kind of computer or storage that nowadays smartphones has more storage than that computer. 

But he said that it was a stroke of luck, that he got a computer because he knows the value of it, as he did not have it before. 

How Second-Hand Computers Help Him

From the Second-Hand computer, he started his coding from his room. He was clear in his thought his target will not be only India. In 2004, he starts Route SMS private limited and invested $2000. In the first year of the Route mobile company, API was sold to Clients. His company has done deals with many companies in the Middle East by which he provided them with backend hold up to them. 

That time there were many small and medium enterprises at that time where that want to rebrand the whole brand their own brand. Afterward, he created a program for resellers and sold the solution by putting the name of the company. Within a year the company was attached to 40-50 retailers.

Their company sold them a user id and password for $1000 and their work was only to operator connectivity. Till now, their company has never uplifted any funds, whatever they go profit they just invested in the company only. They just focused on designing and on the solution for the end user.

In the first year, they got 1 crore in revenue and have a profit of Rs.50 lakhs. This was a great attainment for the Route mobile company. He and his company partner his brother, only take Rs.12000 home as a salary for the first 10 years.

This is how Route Mobile started with all of the struggles. With a secondhand computer, he makes a whole group of his dreams.

Now, Route Mobiles has clients of India’s largest Public sector banks like SBI, ICICI bank, google, bank of Baroda, and many more. On Facebook, we get a recovery password and while paying from google pay, everything is provided by the Route Mobile company. 

Furthermore, the company provides all kinds of services like SMS, Voice, mail, messaging, etc to banking clients and also financial services.


By 2011 only he set up his first office in London and in 2012, started the business of enterprises in India. In an interview in 2020, he told that they have approx 24000 customers all over the world in the US, New Zealand, and Russia. . In 2019, the company convey more than 31 billion messages.

He has specialties in SS7, SMPP, Java Games & Symbian. For more than a year he was also a senior consultant at spectrum networks. From Jan 2000 to April 2003, was the technical head at Gurukul Online Learning Solutions. Furthermore, he was a team leader at AIS Comp USA from Jan 1998 to Feb 2000. As mentioned above he was a is an instructor at Aptech Computer System from Jun 1997 to Jan 1998 in Mumbai.


Rajdip Gupta always wanted to be an entrepreneur in his life and he worked hard for that and is now living his dream. In an interview, for youngsters, he mentioned that “Youngsters have to work hard and convince a lot of people in the market and they should have to understand both the local and global markets, about what they actually needed. If any of the products helps the customer than, you will definitely get customers”.

If someone has the perception to do something big, then you will undoubtfully reinvest into your work- Rajdip Gupta.

The Success Story of Rajdip Gupta makes the biggest impact on people’s life.

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